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Pastor Sumer Norris

Is your identity in Christ?

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and Pastor Sumer came ready with the Word. In this message, Pastor Sumer talks about what it looks like to have an identity rooted in Chirst. It is easy to fall into the trap of business, distractions, and accomplishments, but we can’t forget that Christ alone is our firm foundation.
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Pastor Sumer Norris

Having a Fruitful Life

In week one of our sermon series, Whispers of Creation, Pastor Sumer walks us through what it looks like to produce fruit in our lives. God’s will is for us to be more like Christ, bearing His image. If we are wrestling with sin or ungodly patterns, pruning takes place to shape us more like Him. What sin is God pruning out of your heart and soul? What fruit is God trying to produce in you?
WATCH NOW Having a Fruitful Life