In the message Storyteller, Pastor Dave teaches us to go from thought patterns such as "I am not good enough" or "they won't accept me, so there's no point in trying," and turn them into the REAL thoughts that God has for each of us.

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Pastor David Norris

Vision Sunday

This week, Pastor David talks about the heart of City Church, past accomplishments through Heart For The House, gives a sneak peek at future goals, and sets up the most important Sunday: December 4th.
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Pastor David Norris

Purposed Provision

In the final week of our series God Over Money, Pastor David brings up what it means to give, and how God has a purpose to provide for those who do. In this message, the potential thoughts of us, and the provision of God are put on display.
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Pastor David Norris

Who’s In Charge

In the third week of our series God Over Money, Pastor David brings up the question of “Who’s in charge?” – In this message, he asks whether God is in charge of our finances, or if we are, and the benefits of allowing God to be the one in charge.
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