Mind Games

Pastor David Norris shares on the "Mind Games" the devil plays on us. In his sermon "Mind Games," we learn that God empowers us to overcome the Mind Games from the enemy by breaking negative thought patterns, and replacing them with scripture.

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Pastor David Norris


In the message Storyteller, Pastor Dave teaches us to go from thought patterns such as “I am not good enough” or “they won’t accept me, so there’s no point in trying,” and turn them into the REAL thoughts that God has for each of us.
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Pastor Candace Buggs

New Normal

This week, guest speaker Pastor Candace Buggs speaks on the promises of God, and how to use them to combat the lies of the enemy.
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Pastor Mark

Robbery, Rejection, and Restoration

Guest Pastor Micah Pelkey shares on the tricks the devil plays on us to get us to reject, and rob ourselves of what God has for us. In his sermon “Robbery, Rejection, and Restoration,” we learn how to overcome the negative thinking patterns of the enemy, to see ourselves as worthy, and believe the truth that God speaks about us.
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