Making God Number One

In week four of our series, Way Maker, Pastor David Norris preaches a message on the details of Palm Sunday. In this message, we look at how Jesus fulfilled biblical prophecy and how we can make him king in our own lives. No matter your circumstances, everyone has the capacity to make God number one.

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Pastor Candace Buggs

God Can Use You

In week two of our sermon series, Way Maker, Pastor Candace discusses different points of view we may hold in our faith. She challenges us through the life and ministry of Philip to change our perspective.
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Pastor David Norris

How to receive compassion

In week 1 of our sermon series, Way Maker, Pastor David Norris discusses how we can receive the compassion of Jesus. God desires a relationship, and while we should do our best to serve and honor Him, Jesus first came to serve us. Do you struggle to let God serve you? Do you struggle to receive His love, mercy, and compassion? This week’s message encourages us that Jesus can bring any area of sorrow or pain to new life!
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Pastor Jonathan Brozozog

How to Navigate Parenting

In week four of our sermon series Patterns, we’re joined by guest speaker Jonathan Brozozog. Pastor Jonathan discusses patterns in parenting and how we can begin to take steps towards a healthier family life. Pastor Jonathan is pastor of Creative Church in Minnesota. He leads alongside his wife, Joanne, and their eight kids. Pastor Jonathan and his wife are authors of the book, Raising Parents (2023).
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