Heart Check

Pastor David Norris talks about Heart Check - Proverbs 4:20-24.

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Pastor David Norris

Making God Number One

In week four of our series, Way Maker, Pastor David Norris preaches a message on the details of Palm Sunday. In this message, we look at how Jesus fulfilled biblical prophecy and how we can make him king in our own lives. No matter your circumstances, everyone has the capacity to make God number one.
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Pastor David Norris

Jesus Can Redeem Your Story

Jesus can redeem anyone! In week three of our series, Way Maker, PD teaches on Jesus’ encounter with the woman caught in adultery. It’s tempting to think that knowledge of God is what leads us to be closer to him, but the Bible shows us that it’s our moments of weakness that we can truly draw closer to him.
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Pastor Candace Buggs

God Can Use You

In week two of our sermon series, Way Maker, Pastor Candace discusses different points of view we may hold in our faith. She challenges us through the life and ministry of Philip to change our perspective.
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