A Dirt Road and Redemption Sermon

Pastor David Norris shares on "A Dirt Road and Redemption" in week 2 of our sermon series "Friend of Sinners".

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Pastor David Norris

The New Way To Live

In the second week of our series Planted, Pastor David Norris gives a powerful message on the way we all need to live our lives, according to Christ. In this message, Pastor Dave hits on a few big points that teach us to notice, cultivate, and empower this “new way” to live.
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Pastor David Norris


In the first week of our new series, “Planted,” Pastor Dave gives an encouraging message about being planted in God. In this message, he explains four different types of soils that we can find ourselves in, and explains how God can move in our lives when we are planted in the good soil.
Pastor Kim & Renee Norris

Yoked Family

In the last week of our series Yoked Up, Pastors Kim and Renee speak on what it means to have a yoked family. In this message, they explain the three key elements: Vision, Communication, and Unity that we need to have to provide a platform for our families.
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