Safety Is Our Priority

If you would like a more detailed overview of our plans, please see below. The information is organized from the beginning of your visit, starting with the parking lot, to the end. If you have any additional questions about our plans please email us at

Re-Opening with COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Dream Team

  • All Dream Team and Staff will be required to wear masks except when on stage
  • All Dream Team members and staff will have their temperature taken upon arrival and will be sent home if they have a temperature or show signs of sickness
  • All Dream Team and Staff are asked to stay home if they have been feeling unwell or have been exposed to COVID19


  • Parking Team will park cars every other spot, and then go back and fill in the empty spots as we go
  • Shuttles will not be used until social distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Doors will be propped open when weather is appropriate (Door attendant present if not)

Entry and Welcome

  • Welcome Team member will only wave, no handshakes, and be in charge of directing people into lines
  • Welcome Team will ask people to space out, slow down, wait a moment or enter via the Kids entrance to split up the cluster of people
  • Sidewalk chalk or floor decals will assist with social distancing spacing


  • Furniture will be re-organized to encourage social distancing but also provide space for family units to watch the service together. These spaces will not be used for non-family gatherings to socialize.
  • Coffee and refreshments are not available at this time
  • Furniture near bathrooms will be moved to make room for lines. Numbers in bathrooms will be limited and monitored by an attendant
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at 2-3 locations on their way in
  • We will not pass out any Worship Guides or Children’s Materials
  • All furniture and surfaces will be cleaned in between services
  • A Medical Services Team will be available for anyone experiencing symptoms, and the Green Room will be set up as a quarantine area if needed
  • Masks are recommended for attendees and will be available (along with gloves) upon request at both Welcome Booths


  • Ushers will meet family units at the auditorium doors and seat them from the front to the back of the auditorium
  • Families will be seated every-other row for both services, and we will switch rows for second service so that each seat is only used once a week.
  • Families/household units will be seated together with 2 seats in between each household, with spacers placed in empty seats
  • There will be no materials in the seat backs, and no communion
  • Aisles will be measured/widened to ensure that safe distance can be maintained by those entering and exiting and those seated
  • We will run the air conditioning and fans to bring in fresh air, and possibly leave auditorium doors open
  • Dismissal will be handled like a wedding to minimize people passing each other in the isle/seat area.

Order of Service

  • Our service will be shortened to 45-50 minutes to help families with children and those viewing online
  • There will be no communion or live prayer time, but people will be able to text a number to request prayer. Response time will include corporate worship
  • Creative children’s programming will be included to minister to our children


  • We will not hand out any kid’s materials. Families are encouraged to bring children’s materials and devices with headphones for their children if needed
  • Multiple rooms outside the Main Auditorium will have live feeds for families that need to take children out of the main service
  • Nursing Mother’s room will still be available with social distancing guidelines in place

Cleaning in Between Services and Miscellaneous

  • All Hard Services, door handles, bathrooms, water fountain, hand sanitizer tops are to be cleaned by our crew between services
  • Ushers will swap row blockers to open up new/unused seats from prior service
  • Bathrooms entry doors will be propped open. We will limit 3 in the bathroom at a time, monitored by a door attendant. Signs in the bathroom will direct people on how to safely use the facility

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