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L.E.A.D. is our leadership development program that will prepare you to be a team leader, life group leader, administrator, pastoral leader, and/or ordained minister. We invite you to embrace the opportunity of being a leader. L.E.A.D. meets every Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the City Lounge. Free childcare is provided.

101 - Team Leader

This course will focus on the general topic of leadership, exploring the diverse ways in which leadership is expressed by an individual and perceived by an audience. We will review the issue of ethics and integrity as we come to understand the causes of leadership failure; and the utility of knowing how to pray for your team.

201 - Life Group Leader

This course will focus on leading a small group, with a particular emphasis on life groups. Primarily through role play, we will put into practice some of the most effective strategies for maintaining a positive flow of group discussion; continue to sharpen our skills of self-presentation; move into topics of discernment (being sensitive to others and the move of the Holy Spirit); and sharing power with others.

301 - Admin Leader

This course will go into further application of the spiritual gift of administration, covering such topics as budgets and how to support and help build teams. We will discuss some of the challenges facing the contemporary American church including how to discern spiritual authority.

401 - Pastoral Leader

This course covers the application of what we believe. Throughout this class, the senior pastors will confirm that participants understand how Jesus demonstrated the pastoral role. Participants who move to this level of leadership are expected to hold in high value: (1) personal influence, (2) relational building, (3) team building, (4) team work, and (5) problem solving, including being part of the solution. Finally, we will cover the topic of implicit bias and how it operates in group settings.

501 - Ordination

This is an applied experience with pastoral leaders now serving in specific areas of ministry. Included here are expectations for (and subsequent evaluations of) personal accountability to the senior pastors or members of the pastoral team. Those who complete this course receive their ministerial ordination certificate and are added to the list of approved ministers for baby dedications, baptisms, funerals, and weddings (or other church-officiated events).

About L.E.A.D.


L.E.A.D. is the Leadership Development Program (LEAD) at City Church: Learning through coursework, Equipping through discipleship, Activating through shadowing, Delegating through team assignment.

L.E.A.D. begins where BUILD ends—connecting self-understanding gained through the personality and spiritual gifts tests to an action-oriented endeavor: LEADING.

We believe that effective leadership skills can be taught and applied across a variety of context. The program incorporates topics such as conflict management, effective communication styles, decision-making techniques, and team building skills.

L.E.A.D. participants are encouraged to maintain a positive trajectory towards learning and growth through suggested workshops, trainings, conferences, and additional materials described on the syllabus.


LEAD dates
L101 Intensive- Saturday October 6th – 10am-2pm
L201 (this will be divided into 2 different Wednesdays)
– a. Wed. Oct 10 7pm-9pm
– b. Wed. Oct 17 7pm-9pm

What you need to know


Discipleship is defined at City Church as the process of learning about the teachings of Jesus (as you follow another leader/your discipler), internalizing those biblical lessons, and then acting upon them in your daily life. Each discipleship term (for each course) is designed to address an area of growth.


Shadowing experiences are observational in nature and involves watching the leader as s/he performs his/her duties. Observation always occurs under the appropriate supervision of an approved and assigned leader. A shadowing experience not only provides an introduction to the area of ministry and the standard protocol or set of responsibilities of the team, but it also offers the leader the opportunity to model professionalism as well as ethical and culturally sensitive interactions with others.

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