City Church For All Nations


  • Average Hours/Week: 40 hours per week
  • Status: Full Time – Salaried
  • Location: City Church For All Nations
  • Reports To: Creative Executive

Purpose of the Job

The Worship Pastor will plan, organize, and lead worship experiences at City Church while building and developing a worship team of contractors and volunteers. This role is essential to the function of the weekly worship experiences and special events throughout the year. City Church is a multicultural, multigenerational, and nondenominational church that has the vision to love people, build families and lead to destiny in the community of Bloomington and surrounding areas.

Who You Are

  • A devoted Christ follower
  • A passionate individual who strives for excellence in all things to further the kingdom
  • Talented and have strong musical background vocally and/or instrumentally
  • Have Music Theory knowledge and can effectively communicate with musicians and singers
  • Organized and efficient especially with time management
  • An excellent communicator both orally and written
  • A multi-tasking team player with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude
  • A team builder who can build up new leaders and pour into the experienced leaders

What You’ll Do

  • Plan, organize, and spiritually lead multiple worship experiences on weekends and special services throughout the week
  • Recruit, train, and build a worship team
  • Oversee the leaders that lead City Kids, MVMT, The Loft and other special worship teams
  • Work side by side with the Media team on services and projects
  • Pastor the team members and provide a high level of care and connection

Experience Required

  • You’re experienced in building and leading a team
  • You know how to utilize the functions of Planning Center to schedule and build services
  • You have experience in Ableton
  • You have experience with many music styles and genres
  • You can build powerful set-lists that both utilize musicians’ strengths and connect to the Holy Spirit in a powerful way

To apply for this job please visit