City Church For All Nations


  • Average Hours/Week: 40 hours per week
  • Status: Full Time – Salaried
  • Location: City Church For All Nations
  • Reports To: Creative Executive


City Church is searching for an experienced Production & Media Director – a knowledgeable leader who leads with passion, excellence, and integrity. This leader must be a capable technician with expertise in video, lighting, and systems integration in a large venue, who understands that the main job is to accomplish tasks through others and has a proven track record of leading staff and recruiting volunteers. This person is a creative and critical thinker who is committed to maintaining a distraction-free worship environment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee all technical production elements related to main worship experiences and any other special events with technical needs making sure positions are filled and executed with excellence. This includes positions in:
    • Lighting, Graphic/Lyric Presentation, Camera Operation (photography and videography) and Online Host team.
  • Process through production details and entrust the scheduled Producer to communicate directly with the stage manager and team to ensure smooth musical, technical and stage transitions, and work through appropriate channels to address issues. Review Planning Center service plans, ensuring all production elements are noted and communicated clearly with necessary teams.
  • Balance time between commitments to weekly worship experiences, Revival Nights (once a month special service), all special events at the Church and assisting other areas or assign volunteers and staff to other areas with production related needs.
  • Be committed to the all-in effort that the City Church staff is expected to uphold when it comes to all areas and all events within the church.
  • Collaborate with the team and contribute ideas in Creative meetings and staff meetings for specific events.
  • Provide insight, expertise and ideas related to stage design related to special events.
  • Lead the Online host team and experience each week by preparing scripts, scheduling team members, building a team of confident speakers and leading out the team on Thursdays and Sundays in rehearsal and service.
  • Project manage and lead the video editing team by providing direction and vision for projects. This portion of the job also includes directing videos and editing videos when necessary.
  • Equip and help train a leader for the Photography team to ensure that high quality photos are taken every weekend and for special events that can be used for print and digital purposes.
  • Managing the Production Assistant Staff member by conducting monthly reviews, tracking hours and making sure culture is matched in all that we do.
  • Attend weekly Production, Creative and Direct report follow-up meetings. Attend monthly staff chapel and meeting and all other required attendance events for staff members.

Visual Systems and Equipment Management

  • Oversee designs, installations, and maintenance requirements for systems ministry-wide.
  • Proactively ensure all system needs are fulfilled and operational for all events.
  • Meet with different areas to advise and support production needs for events and programs.
  • Create and maintain a systems upgrade/refresh plan, working closely with the Creative Executive.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory list of all equipment.
  • Coordinate the organization and orderly storage of all equipment, props and production-related equipment.

Stage Design

  • Lead the charge in the development of design and implementation for stage designs across our worship environments.
  • Work with the Creative Team and Lead Pastor to create a variety of creative designs and fresh looks that fit City Church’s vision and needs at any given time.

Volunteer and Staff Development

  • Actively enlist, equip, and encourage a team of production volunteers.
  • Facilitate the training of production volunteer’s ministry wide.
  • Develop a system of care for all team members.
  • Develop proactive solutions to engage volunteers and potential staff to manage/execute all tasks necessary with limited resources.

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