Healing Hands Outreach

Healing Hands exist to pour out the love of God to the City of Bloomington and surrounding counties. If you would like to receive clothes, household items, furniture, or food, visit us at the Healing Hands Outreach Center located at 1917 S Walnut Street  Bloomington, IN 47401 at the Southgate of Switchyard Shopping Center, Monday-Thursday 11:00 am-3:00 pm. If you would like to donate essential items please contact Clay Carter, City Outreach Leader, 812-272-2515, for an appointment. To give a financial donation, please click here. Choose the Healing Hands Donation option when giving.


Clay and Julie Carter


Led people to Christ through Healing Hands Outreach Services in Owen County, Lawrence County, Brown County, and Monroe County.

5 cars given away

1 home given away

Served more than 10,000 people with essential needs over the past 10 years


Healing Hands Outreach services yearly in Monroe and other counties

4 car giveaways per year

1 home give away per year

50,000 people served with essential needs per year

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