Kim Norris Ministries International

We’ve shared about Jesus in 13 countries, seen 541,793 salvations, and are currently equipping over 62,000 people for the work of the ministry.

Kim Norris Ministries International (KNMI) is the missionary arm of City Church for all Nations. Pastor Kim, City Church Overseer, invites you to join the vision of winning nations through philanthropic works and Healing Salvation Meetings.

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Pastor Kim and Renee Norris


More than 500,000 salvations over the last 7 years

9 clean water wells dug

4 orphanages established

57 children rescued and being cared for presently

More than 62,000 people equipped for ministry work

Shared about Jesus in 13 countries


1 million salvations

1 clean water well per year

1 orphanage per year

1 widow's home per year

1 church per year

Further crusades yearly worldwide to harvest 1 million souls

What we do

Missions is one way City Church engages the vision to Love, Build, and Lead. We believe that Jesus is ‘the Desire of all nations’ (Haggai 2:7). Our scope reaches to Burundi, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and more! Our focus is to meet the spiritual needs of people and bless them by providing for some of their practical needs as well.

Currently we have food programs, spiritual training for spiritual leaders, evangelistic crusades, and workshops to empower churches to grow. Through these efforts we have developed new and ongoing relationships that are opening more doors for ministry. Our goal is to continue these efforts to reach as many people as possible.

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