Stories of people at City Church


Stories of real-life change from people who attend City Church.

We love you, period.

Faced with fears of rejection, Audra shares about the challenges and obstacles she faced as she took her next steps connecting in a life group. Her experiences have shaped and molded her into the leader she is today. What God has done in her, He can do in you.

I was in protection mode

Growing up in an alcoholic household, Sean learned at an early age he had to do things on his own, take care of himself, and make his own way. Since placing his faith in Jesus he’s now been able to seek help, support, and guidance from God and community instead of on his own.

It just wasn’t for me

With religion pounded into him growing up, Chris wanted to be as far away from church as he could. After 12 years of struggling and getting shut down, Melissa began to see answers to her cry for Chris and her to walk together in their journey of faith and let go of the past.

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