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Open to all ages at 10AM and 11:30AM services

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children’s ministry

City Kids Children's Ministry

At City Church we love kids! Our goal is to make Jesus a lasting part of every kid’s life. Our teachers are trained and prepared to serve children with all types of needs. A private room is available for nursing mother’s.

We would be honored to have you and your family in City Kids. City Kids classes are offered during all worship experiences.






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City Kids offers buddies to children with more specialized needs. Sign up to request a buddy.

important reopening info

City Kids is fully opened for all ages with safety guidelines in place to protect your family.

The City Kids team is excited to serve your families and we thank you for trusting your children into our care. We take their safety very seriously. If you feel your child has been exposed to COVID-19 please notify us immediately so we can help assist with contact tracing and communication. Please address any questions/concerns to Pastor Nicki Toohill at Per the Local Mask Mandate, Children ages 3+ will be required to wear masks when at City Church functions. 

Per the Local Mask Mandate, Children ages 3+ will be required to wear masks when at City Church functions. 

We have included a list of FAQs for parents who are preparing to bring their kids back to City Kids.

What are we basing our guidelines from?
Our goal is to utilize the CDC’s guidelines specifically for daycares and day camps and all government mandates for our Bloomington community to provide the best care for the families of City Church.

What do you consider a high temperature? Do you consider other symptoms?
Upon check-in we will take your child’s temperature with a handheld forehead thermometer before they go to their classroom. You must add 1 degree to the temp it reads and then if their temperature is above 100.4 degrees F we will let the parent know and they will be escorted to the Green Room to be assessed by a team of volunteers that will evaluate their symptoms. We ask that they not have any other symptoms of cough, runny nose, sore throat or loss of taste, etc. according to CDC guidelines as well and remain home if those symptoms are present.

Where do we pick up our children?
All parents will pick their child up in their assigned classroom. Don’t forget your parent label! We will have team members stationed in the hallways to help you find your way.

I have a physical limitation and my child’s classroom is upstairs. How do I check my child out?
Please contact a volunteer in the hallway or grab a check-in specialist for assistance and they will take your tag to check your child out for you.

Are masks required?
Due to Monroe County mask mandate, masks will be required for all children ages 3+.

Will kids be socially distancing in the classrooms?
Maintaining the 3-6-ft social distancing recommendation may be difficult for kids however we will encourage social distancing by seating kids in marked places 3-6 ft apart from each other in the classrooms and we will play games that encourage distance. Teachers will try their best to encourage children to space out and to keep facial coverings on.

Will kids be eating at church?
City Kids will provide pre-packaged snacks and drinks. If you desire, you are welcome to bring a snack for your child or communicate to the teacher they will not participate in snack. Proper cleaning of surfaces and hands will be done before and after use.

How often will you clean the kids hands?
Children and volunteers will wash/sanitize hands before and after eating, going to the bathroom, sneezing or coughing, etc.

How often are classrooms/toys cleaned?
Each classroom will be equipped with the proper cleaning supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting spray and will be used as needed. Each room will have a set of toys for first service and a separate set of toys for second service. Any toys that are placed in the mouth or dirtied will be cleaned. All toys and classrooms will get deep cleaned during the week. The classroom will get cleaned in between services as well as a light wipe down during services by our team. Classrooms that have been used will be marked by signage and a deep thorough cleaning will happen during the week.


  • Nursery

    6mo - 24mo
  • Gifts Blvd

    2 Years

    Currently closed - 2 year old's are combined with Adventure Ave

  • Adventure Ave

    2 - 3 Years
  • Discovery Drive

    4 Years
  • Kindergarten Clubhouse

  • Student Auditorium

    1st - 6th Grades


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