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Open to all ages at 9:30AM and 11:30AM services

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City Kids Children's Ministry

At City Church we love kids! Our goal is to make Jesus a lasting part of every kid’s life. We strive to build relationships with kids so they feel that church is a place they belong.

We would be honored to have you and your family in City Kids. City Kids classes are offered during all worship experiences.





First Time Check-In

Want to speed up first time check-in? Click on the button below to fill out the form with your contact information and children’s names to help expedite the process.

Request a Buddy

City Kids offers buddies to children with more specialized needs. Sign up to request a buddy.

Child Dedication

Learn more about child dedications at City.

important information

City Kids is fully opened for all ages with safety guidelines in place to protect your family.

The City Kids team is excited to serve your families and we thank you for trusting your children into our care. We take their safety very seriously. If you feel your child has been exposed to COVID-19 please notify us immediately so we can help assist with contact tracing and communication. Please address any questions/concerns to Per the Local government, masks for Children ages 3+ are optional when at City Church functions.

Our goal is to utilize the CDC’s guidelines specifically for daycares and day camps and all government mandates for our Bloomington community to provide the best care for the families of City Church.

You will be greeted by our check-in specialist that will gather your contact information, name, and age/date of birth of your kids in order to best place them in a classroom. Temperatures will be checked, and families will be escorted to their child’s classrooms.

Upon entering the room kids will be greeted by the classroom teachers. Kids Kindergarten and under will enjoy some free play time at the beginning of service time. Kids 1st-6th grade will enjoy a preservice activity. Classrooms will then get kids engaged in worship and the lesson videos followed by discussion questions and an activity that goes with our theme for the month or lesson content.

When the worship experience is finished in the main auditorium, parents can proceed to their child’s classrooms with their parent tag that has a code to match the code on their child’s tag. Parents will stand in line as the classroom teachers check them out at the door or in some classrooms will be allowed to enter the classroom to retrieve their own child upon showing their parent tag. Tags are always checked before releasing a child to their parent.

How do you help kids that have difficulties getting dropped off and transitioning to the classroom?
We do allow parents to step in the room to help their child transition to the classroom for the first few minutes, but we have found over the years it is best to just drop them off and leave them for us to help them adjust. However, you know your child best so if this is a continued challenge after several weeks of trying, please ask to speak with a leader to help brainstorm the best way for your child to transition.

How do you reach parents when they are in the main Worship Experience?
If your child isn’t adjusting or we need to contact you, we will text the number that you have given us. Please leave the main auditorium and meet a leader in the City Kids Check-in foyer to find out what is going on.

Who can pick up my child?
Anyone you have given your parent tag to that can also share the child’s name that goes with that tag can pick up your child. If you have specific people that are not allowed to pick up, they can be noted in our system. Children will not be released without a matching tag.

I have a physical limitation and my child’s classroom is upstairs. How do I check my child out?
Please contact a volunteer in the hallway or grab a check-in specialist for assistance and they will take your tag to check your child out for you.

What if a lose my parent tag?
If you misplace or lose your parent tag, please stop by the Check-in desk with identification of your identity and we will look up your child in our system to see who checked them in and who is authorized to pick them up. If the information matches what we have in our system, we will reprint a tag for you.

How often are classrooms/toys cleaned?
Each classroom will be equipped with the proper cleaning supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting spray and will be used as needed. All toys and classrooms will get deep cleaned during the week.

Can my child come to class if they are dealing with symptoms?
We ask that all kids be free from symptoms when they are dropped off at class. No cough, runny nose, sore throat, or fever or vomiting within the last 24 hours. It is a common courtesy to our teachers and families at City. We however understand that some kids have allergies that have similar symptoms and will not limit attendance if it has been verified as allergies.

Will kids be eating at church?
City Kids will provide pre-packaged snacks and drinks. If you desire, you are welcome to bring a snack for your child or communicate to the teacher if they will not participate in snack. Proper cleaning of surfaces and hands will be done before and after use.

Upcoming Events


  • Nursery


    2mo - 24mo
  • Gifts Blvd

    Sunshine St.

    2 Years
  • Adventure Ave

    Adventure Ave

    3 Years
  • Discovery Drive

    Discovery Drive

    4 Years
  • Kindergarten Clubhouse

    Kindergarten Clubhouse

  • Student Auditorium

    Student Auditorium

    1st - 6th Grades

Just for You

These areas are both found in the back of the auditorium. Please ask one of our ushers to assist you with finding the rooms.

Nursing Mother’s Room

We have a room specifically for nursing mothers to be able to feed their children and still enjoy service.

Family Room

We offer a viewing area for families to enjoy service together if their children need a break.


Become a member of the City Kids team.

Attending Next Steps is the first step of becoming a part of our team.

Nicki Toohill - City Kids Pastor
Nicki Toohill

City Kids Pastor

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