Happy Father’s Day!

To all the fathers and father figures, we love you and are thankful for you. Your role is vital in our lives, families, and communities. Your impact is immense and often hard to quantify. Today, we honor you and say, thank you for everything!

Fathers have a great opportunity to be homebuilders. There’s something unique about a father that helps lay a foundation and set the direction of a home like no other.

When this is done well, families thrive and are strong. Identity is fortified, wives are nourished, and children are secure. This is possible through Jesus, and when we follow Him, we’re empowered to be homebuilders!

God gives us a picture of this kind of man in Psalms 128:1-2:

“1. How joyful are those who fear the Lord— all who follow his ways! 2. You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be!”

Verse one gives us the starting point for being a homebuilder. We must fear God, which means respecting and giving reverence to the Lord. This speaks of Jesus being the center of our lives, around whom we revolve.

From this position and posture, a man will be blessed in his marriage, children, work, and with longevity. This is what Psalms 128:1-6 tells us, and it begins with having a reverence for God.

I encourage everyone to nourish your reverence for God. Let that first love for Jesus burn strong and be vibrant in your faith.

“Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.” Psalms 104:4.

Notice that He makes us a flame of fire. Great men and great homebuilders are those who are a flame of fire for Jesus!

Fathers are homebuilders!

You can do this through Jesus. You have what it takes, and where you can’t, He can. When you’re weak, He’s strong. Where you don’t know what to do, He does. You are a man for such a time as this.

Fifteen Practical Ways to Be a Homebuilder

  1. Open your heart to Jesus.
  2. Lead your family in attending church regularly.
  3. Say “I love you” to your wife and kids daily.
  4. Have a consistent date with your wife.
  5. Have a consistent date with your kids.
  6. Work hard and model what that means.
  7. Be humble and admit you don’t know everything.
  8. Learn from your wife and kids.
  9. Say sorry when needed.
  10. Be a team with your wife about money and choose to steward it well.
  11. Have life insurance to take care of your family.
  12. Go on vacations.
  13. Laugh a lot.
  14. Be a servant leader.
  15. Pray by yourself, pray with your wife, and pray with your kids.

These things help build a home one step at a time and one day at a time. It’s the consistent things we do daily that build a foundation that lasts.

We all want a home like this! Every man wants a home like this. The good news is we can have it and be homebuilders!

So, which one of these can you put into practice today?

Think of small tweaks or adjustments you can make and start today. Your value, influence, presence, love, care, words, and effort are so much more than you know!

Believe this today and live a life as a homebuilder! You’ll leave a legacy that impacts generations.

Happy Father’s Day, and the best is yet to come!


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