Living Hope

Easter Joy is Here! It’s a special time for us to reflect on the incredible sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and to celebrate that He is alive today. There’s a unique power in remembering—it can revive our faith and reconnect us with our first love. Remember, Jesus isn’t just a figure of the past; His grace and mercy are active and transformative in our lives today.

His resurrection gives us a living hope, a hope that breathes life into our daily experiences. Jesus is our beacon of hope, and through Him, the impossible becomes possible. He is the answer to the deep yearnings of humanity.

Let’s learn from the Israelites who, as the Psalmist notes, “tempted God, And limited the Holy One of Israel” (Psalms 78:41). We must remember that God is not only able, but also willing to work wonders in our lives.

What are your deepest hopes? Hold onto them, because with Jesus, they are attainable. Whether in times of joy or challenge, keep clinging to this living hope in Jesus. He is the miracle worker; our role is to believe in His ability to act. This belief empowers us to entrust our worries to Him, as 1 Peter 5:6-7 encourages us to do.

This Easter, I invite you to deepen your worship and remembrance of Jesus. He is our living hope, and with Him, nothing is impossible.

How is your hope today? Whether it’s flourishing or faltering, it’s essential to nourish it through our relationship with Jesus. When we nurture our faith, love, and hope, they—and we—grow stronger.

Here are three ways to feed your hope:

  1. Recall God’s Deeds: Never underestimate the power of remembrance. Reflecting on God’s past actions strengthens our faith and counters negative thoughts. I encourage you to make a list of God’s blessings in your life, review it daily, and keep adding to it. This practice will cultivate gratitude and reinforce your faith.
  2. Dive into Stories of Faith: Our minds often gravitate towards negativity. Counter this by immersing yourself in Bible stories and modern accounts of God’s miraculous works. These stories feed our souls with hope and peace. Remember, the narratives we consume shape our spiritual health.
  3. Seek Specific Testimonies: If you’re seeking something particular, like healing in a relationship or a breakthrough in health, find stories that resonate with your situation. The principle of testimony is powerful—it suggests that what God has done before, He can do again. These specific stories can bolster your faith and speak directly to your circumstances.

As I write this, I make it a practice to listen to testimonies that align with my own faith journey. It’s a powerful way to build faith and combat doubt. Talk to yourself with the promises of God more than you listen to your doubts.

I encourage you to find and listen to stories that mirror your needs. Let these testimonies fuel your hope in Jesus.

This Easter, draw closer to Jesus and witness His power in your life. May your hope in our living Savior be refreshed and strengthened.

God bless you, and remember, the best is yet to come!


City Church Bloomington, Indiana

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