Open heart, BIG God

Imagine this: the prophet Isaiah once said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Could you build me a temple as good as that? Could you build me such a resting place?'” (Isaiah 66:1). Isn’t that incredible? Our God is not only all-knowing and present everywhere, but He’s also all-powerful. There’s nothing beyond His knowledge or His capability. He reigns over the heavens and the earth with His immense power, and yet, He chooses to be involved in our lives.

Let’s reflect on this for a moment. It’s crucial for our faith to understand who God is and what He is capable of. Life’s ups and downs can sometimes obscure this truth, making our problems seem large and God seem small. But remember, Jesus came to earth to do God’s work, and He continues to do so today.

When we recognize how immense God is, we gain a perspective that places our troubles as tiny in His presence. He is greater, stronger, more capable, and ready to intervene on our behalf.

So, what can God do for you?

Our task is to approach God with an open heart, allowing our faith to connect with His greatness. We need His power, and interestingly, God often uses human effort to fulfill His purposes on earth. That’s why He seeks out those who believe in His immensity.

A vibrant faith believes that God can act immediately. He can move mountains, bring about change, and transform circumstances now. This immediate faith broadens our expectations of His mighty works.

God is prepared to demonstrate His power and capabilities. As the Psalmist says, “But the Lord is in his holy Temple; the Lord still rules from heaven. He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth.” (Psalms 11:4). He observes us, examining our hearts and actions.

God yearns to perform miracles in our lives, starting with opening our hearts. An open heart involves letting Jesus cleanse us from anything that hinders His work in us – anger, jealousy, doubt, criticism, hate, and more. We all have areas in our hearts that need Jesus’ healing touch. Having an open heart doesn’t imply perfection, but it does mean we are receptive to change and growth.

When we open our hearts to God, we become humble, willing, loving, forgiving, and peaceful. God is immense, but a closed heart can block His work in us. He is ready to move – are we ready to let Him?

As we approach the Easter season, let’s focus on two key practices:

First, worship God daily. Worship recognizes His sovereignty and opens our hearts to Him. It’s a blend of singing and living a life that honors Him.

Second, make a prayer list. What we pray about, God thinks about. Praying for others brings their needs before God, and He starts working on them. Prayer allows God to demonstrate His greatness in our lives.

So, this Easter, commit to worship and prayer. Open your heart to the immense God!

God is with you, and the best is yet to come!


City Church, Bloomington, Indiana

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