Waiting Well

As I write this blog, it’s our Fall break and I’m waiting on my son as he finishes up his cross country practice. This has been our morning routine and it seems everyday they go longer than scheduled. 

So, it challenges me.

Have you been there, waiting when something goes past the scheduled time?

It’s not easy and if we’re honest, these moments can bring out the wrong response as It test our patience. There’s something about being impatient that causes us to miss moments and not see the big picture. This has happened too often for me and I’m working and getting better at this.

How about you?

Here’s what patience can do in our lives.

“By your patience possess your souls.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭21‬:‭19‬

Notice, waiting well connects to our souls coming into alignment with God and being made whole.

We posses our soul, meaning we are leading our soul by our spirit being filled with God. The order is spirit, soul and body. When we’re growing in Jesus our spirit is leading the way as we receive more of the Holy Spirit. 

So, the idea of waiting well goes beyond waiting on our kids, it has to do with our faith in God and how we wait on Him.

This is massive when it comes to ongoing health and growth in our relationship with Jesus. If we can wait well, we can gain ground. If we don’t wait well, we can get off course and miss the big picture.

This is especially challenging when we’ve prayed about something and it’s not changing. We’re waiting what we feel is past His scheduled time to respond. 

Have you ever thought He wasn’t moving fast enough?

I have!

But it’s in these moments that we choose to wait well and reach up daily to Jesus for our life, our hope, our joy and our answers. 

Most of the time waiting, has to do with us, receiving something and possessing it. But when we wait well, the focus becomes possessing our own soul more than possessing what we want. This produces long lasting impact through our faith in God. Which is why making the decision to wait well goes way beyond receiving what we’ve prayed about, and into the overall reach of our lives.

What Jesus wants to do is this, answer our prayers and do a work in us as we wait well. This is what the Bible says about this work in us.

“But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

James‬ ‭1‬:‭4‬

Notice, when we let patience work, we will be complete and lack nothing. So when we wait well the end result will be, we are complete in Jesus and we lack nothing in our lives.

This is the full picture of what God can do when we wait well.

So, here’s three things to do while waiting.

First, give God thanks for what He’s done.

This is something we must do daily. It’s a choice we make and we have to be intentional about it. For me, I read off things God has done and I thank Him daily for it. I’ve written these things down so I remember  and look back.

When we do this, we enter into the presence of God with our thanksgiving. Our hearts are cleaned by thinking of what He has done and our faith is stirred believing what’s coming next.

This is a great way to stay healthy in thankfulness and at the same time, build up our faith. We must remember what He has done and give thanks for it.

Please choose daily to give Him thanks!

Second, continue to pray with your request.

I believe in praying daily about the same things. Now, new things come to me and I’ll add things to the list. But, when we pray about the same things it can build our faith and it’s coming before with it daily. 

I’m praying about these things, I’m giving Him thanks, I’m praying as He leads me, I’m reminding Him of my need and I’m lifting Him above it.

It’s important we don’t let our prayers stop because we’re waiting. We need to lift up our prayers daily and give Him our hearts and faith. 

He’s moving and doing more than we see!

Third, be a part of what He’s doing.

I believe in this principle. When I’m a part of His house, He blesses my house. This is found in the book of Haggai. God remembers what we do for His people and for His church and He will bless us back. 

There’s nothing wrong with this as the Bible references this many times.

So, as I wait well, it’s important to be active in a local church by attending, serving, giving, and being a part of other peoples answer to prayer. 

This is so important as we wait well because nothing we do or give is wasted in the kingdom of God. He receives what we give and He does great things with it.

When we’re a part of what God is doing, He’ll be a part of what we’re doing. This is family, work, finances, relationships and more. 

God is moving! Our part is to wait well because He’s not late, but rather He’s on time!

Don’t give up! Wait well and let God move in your situation and life. 

He’s a prayer answering God and He will come through for you!

Have a great day as you wait well.


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