Division is ugly. Unity is beautiful. A divided mind is an unstable mind. A focused mind is a stable mind. The devil works through division. God works through unity. 

This is basic yet profound because it reveals the agenda of hell and the flow of heaven. Yet, division happens in relationships, churches, families, marriages, works places, and more. Furthermore, division works way too much.

This tells me we must be on guard and seek unity with God and others. This includes being unified with the word of God.

Right now, there are attempts to diminish the word of God in our lives, country, and churches. This comes through the guise of questioning the validity of scripture and the need to deconstruct what someone has been taught.

This is all a disaster, and that leads to a place that is disconnected from God and defies his Word.

When we drift away from God’s word, we drift away from his authority. When we question God’s word to defy it, we drift away from God’s heart and ways. 

However, when we receive God’s word we’re protected under his authority. When we receive God’s word and obey it, we receive his heart and ways. 

This is why we must be undivided with the Word of God. 

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

II Timothy 2:15

From the beginning, the devil has attempted to question the word of God in our lives. He does this to deceive and ultimately lead us into the trap of sin.

From the beginning, God has established His Word as the pathway for us to hear his heart and receive his will. When we believe the word of God and act on it with faith, we can receive what it says.

I believe God is moving today, and his word reveals what he will and wants to do. From this belief comes alive faith and hope for any situation. When we are undivided in our hearts and minds with the Word of God, we can go where he wants us to go. We can do what he wants us to do. We can be what he wants us to be. 

The truth is, with Jesus, we can be more than we’ve dreamed and achieve more than we imagined. 

“Now to Him who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,”

Ephesians 3:20

So, here are three ways to be undivided with the Word of God.

First, receive it personally. 

When we apply God’s word to our lives, it becomes personal and fundamental to our situations. We are not reading it from a historical perspective but rather from a spiritual faith connector to our God. The Bible is God’s story woven through the lives of people like us. Through drama, mistakes, chaos, and success in miracles, God shows us what he can do in our lives today.

This is so important because it’s very easy to read the word of God, and not connect it to our personal lives. We can read it and think of other people or think about it in a disconnected way from our reality. 

When we apply it, pray it, and receive it to us personally, we can have what it says and see God work.

The Bible is speaking to you! 

Do you receive it as your instructions from God?

I encourage you to receive and move forward in being undivided.

Second, pray it out loud.

There’s something about praying the word of God out loud that builds our faith and brings it into our reality.

My mom taught me to pray the word of God, by putting myself in the scriptures and applying it to a specific need or area of my life. This caused my faith to wrap around the promise of God, and believe that it could happen for me.

We must have faith to receive anything from Jesus, which comes from hearing God’s Word. So, when we pray his word out loud, it builds our faith and reminds us what God says about our situation versus what we think about our situation.

This is huge because, so often, our mind is telling us the opposite of what God is saying. But when we speak to ourselves what God says, we are leading our minds toward Jesus and what he will do. 

I encourage you today to find a few verses that speak to you and begin to pray them out loud over you, your family, and more. Let God move through you as you choose, being undivided.

Third, know what the Bible says.

With all the confusion, people are trying to make the Bible say what they want it to say. We need to know what it says and what it means so that we are undivided in what we believe.

The devil asked Eve, did God say? Yes, he did. Case closed.

When we know what we believe, we shut down this question and move forward in firm faith. 

To know the Bible, we must read it for ourselves, hear it preached, and be connected in a local church. Furthermore, being a part of a group that’s a Bible study strengthens our faith and our knowledge of God is saying.

We are called to insulate, not isolate. When it comes to being undivided with the word of God, this is huge!

It’s funny how people speak about the Bible and say what it means but haven’t studied it or know what it says. Or they change it to say what they want and live in deception. 

We can know what it says and be undivided in what we believe. 

So moving forward with this, I encourage you to download the YouVersion Bible app on your phone. You can listen to it, read it, and go through different topical studies. I also encourage you to have a daily rhythm of reading it. Plenty of Bible plans you can choose from make this easy to do daily. 

Remember, the devil always decides, and God unites. Where there’s division, the devil is working. Where there is unity, God is working. Period. 

So choose to be undivided in your faith and build your life on the rock that is Christ. From this place, you won’t be shaken or destroyed. Instead, you will be steady and endure through it all.

I love and believe in you. Move forward; God is with you. 


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