Honey To-Do List

Happy Fathers Day! 

Have you ever received a honey to-do list? Most husbands and fathers know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is when your wife hands you a list of things to get done and with it, she has an internal timeframe she wants them done in. From then on, it’s time to get it done because happy wife, happy life. 

That’s wisdom right there!!

The honey to-do list is famous and ubiquitous with being a husband and father. It’s a part of the role we play and it’s good to embrace it and enjoy it. Furthermore, it’s a way we can serve our family and honor them by doing what needs to be done.

The honey to-do list is communicating the priorities of the house. It’s things that need to get done because they’re undone and need to be completed. When everything has been checked off, the priorities have been completed because there was focused time and energy put in it.

This also speaks to a spiritual truth in our walk with God.

No, He’s not handing out to-do list daily and looking over our shoulder to see what we’ve done. What He is doing is reaching to have more of us. 

That’s right, what He wants is us!

“Long ago, the Lord said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love, I have drawn you to myself.”

Jeremiah‬ ‭31‬:‭3‬

At our core, we want God too. We know this and we want a relationship with Him. We intuitively know we need Jesus and that we’re lost without Him. 

The challenge is, priorities. 

In our fast pace lives, it’s easy to get our priorities out of balance and out of order. This happens all the time and really, it can take place without us realizing it.

This is why intentionality is vital in keeping priorities in the right order, which makes our lives in order.

Just like a honey to-do list is a clear order of priorities, God has a clear order of priorities for us too. When we embrace this we’ll have the right order and our lives will be in order.

So, here’s the order of priorities God has for us.

First, God. 

He must be number one and when He is, everything goes better and gets healthier. This is a daily competition of who will be number one and everything in our lives wants that spot. But, it belongs to God. 

He’s everything and when we’re intentional with reading the Bible, praying, being a part of a local church, giving our tithes and offerings and more, it helps fortify who He is as number one.

Second, family.

For those that are married this means your marriage. Then your kids follow. For those not married, this means your family relationships. There’s no doubt this can be a sore spot in our lives or a safe haven in our lives. But no matter the position and status of our family, God wants to move in it and through it. 

All you can do is control what you do and let God use you as a peacemaker verses a peace keeper. Meaning, pursue unity, open communication and relational growth. There’s a purpose for your family and your impact can help others receive it.

If you don’t have a family with you for whatever reason, I believe you can find family through church. Jesus provides everything we need, including a spiritual family. 

Third, work.

God is interested in every detail of our lives, and this includes our careers. The Bible is clear that we need to work and take care of ourselves and our families. Furthermore, God wants us to have a thriving career that provides generously for us and our families.

Throughout our work career, we can make a difference and shine for Jesus in those companies, helping other people come to Jesus, and have life change. This is a very important part of our life, and it helps with goals, purpose, and self confidence.

Please do not underestimate the importance of our careers and the spirituality that is connected to them through our faith in Jesus.

Notice that this is number three and not number one. Please don’t take the bait and make work your number one priority. God and family must be put above it.

Fourth, church.

Being a part of a local church is massive for our faith. Jesus went to church and we need to do the same. 

Moreover, being involved in church is how you receive from it. This is where you develop relationships, receive support, and experience the Holy Spirit work within you.

We know that church isn’t perfect but we don’t go seeking perfection, we go reaching for Jesus and being a part of what God is doing in our lifetime.

Please make church a rhythm in your life and not just an event sometimes. 

Fifth, relationships.

Having relationships is needed and it’s a part of our growth as a person. There’s something special about having a friend that we can count on. This is because we were made to have relationships and to thrive in them.

However, we know this is one of the hardest areas of our lives. The disappointments, miscommunication, games, hurt feelings and more impact us to where we live in distrust. 

We’ve all been here and understand this reality. But, God has friends for us that are healthy and strong that can bless our life and we can bless theirs. We must embrace the importance of relationships and not cut people out, but rather open our heart and invite them in.

I believe the local church is a great place to find true friends that are going in the same direction that you can do life with.

This order of priorities doesn’t mean a perfect life but it does give a healthy life. I encourage you today to move forward with intentionality and let God have a chance to move in your life.

What is your order of priorities? 

If it’s out of order, please adjust and move forward one step at a time. And of course, always get those honey to-do lists done!

Have a great day and the best is yet to come!


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