Day by Day Faith

I love Sundays! 

It’s a day we get to worship God, be together, and make a difference for eternity. There’s something special about being connected in a local church. It’s supernatural, and more is happening than we see or feel. Everything we do and give to God counts, and he’s

He’s doing great things with it. 

But Sunday is just one day, and six others are navigating various things. This is where we are challenged to have a living relationship with Jesus in a day-by-day faith! But, when other Christians do not surround us, it’s not easy. We can be bombarded with temptations that range far and wide because we’re in an environment that is not focused on Jesus. 

This is why we need more Holy Spirit in our lives, so we’re empowered to walk this out day by day. 

To do this well, we must know ourselves and have boundaries with what we do and don’t do. The Bible calls this working out our salvation.

“Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling;”

Philippians 2:12

What does this mean?

Working out our salvation is implementing personal convictions that empower us to thrive in day-by-day faith. 

For example, some Christians can drink alcohol moderately and be good. Others can’t drink because they could slip into being drunk, which is a sin.  Whether you can drink or can’t, an individual conviction must be set with clear boundaries. I recommend being safe, and if there’s a pattern of addiction in your life or your family’s, stay away from it. This is why I don’t drink, and this decision keeps me safe.

Another example is pornography and sexual temptations. If this is a struggle and you can’t overcome it, I believe having accountability software like covenant eyes is needed on all devices, including someone who keeps you accountable. Furthermore, having boundaries with TV and what channels you have verses what you don’t have are all a must. This is being sober and vigilant in your freedom as you do life with Jesus.

Many areas must be worked out in our salvation; in doing so, we’re keeping watch over our souls.

Do you have boundaries in your life?

I encourage you to work out your salvation and know your boundaries to be safe and empowered to thrive. 

This is what Jesus wants for us, to thrive in a day-by-day faith that leads to fruitfulness. This kind of faith impacts our thought patterns, our relationships, our money, our family, our work, our health and more. After all, God delights in every detail of our lives (see Psalms 37:23).

So, here are three ways to have boundaries.

First, be honest with yourself.

Our freedom in Jesus begins when we’re honest with ourselves. We can receive strength and healing through God when we admit our vulnerabilities. The key is, being honest!

Have you noticed it’s easy to make excuses or blame others regarding our struggles? There’s something about avoiding and deflecting the stuff that makes us feel good for the moment but then leaves us trapped long term. 

But when we’re honest, we begin being free and inviting Jesus into our world.

Regarding boundaries, we must be honest about where we’re at and what we’ll fall for if God doesn’t help us. This honesty will lead us to face what we can and can’t do, giving us the necessary boundaries. 

Boundaries give protection, peace, and a plan for day-by-day faith.

Second, receive accountability.

When we isolate ourselves from accountability, we set ourselves up for failure. When we insulate ourselves with accountability, we set ourselves up to overcome. This is the way God made it for all of us. 

Everyone needs accountability because nature leads us away from God and His plan. Furthermore, isolation leaves us vulnerable to weak moments that we all have in facing temptation. 

But, when we open our lives to trusted people, we can achieve, grow, and overcome more. We all need accountability. This is because whatever God wants to do in our lives will require and include other people. This includes being accountable.

Do you have accountability today?

If you still need to, please reach out and receive it. If you do, please continue in it and be honest with Him. This is how we thrive in day-by-day faith. 

Third, be confident in your boundaries.

Having boundaries is a personal right that all of us have as individuals. We should be confident in what we can and can’t do. This is not coming from a combative position but rather a confident position because our goal is to be closer to Jesus.

True, friends, respect, personal boundaries, and don’t try to tempt us with them. If someone is doing this, then they are not your true friend. They are a distraction to your spiritual growth.

Being confident means you know yourself and want to know God more. This gives a calm and open articulation of your boundaries and empowers healthy relationships and day-by-day faith.

Please don’t let people push you around by questioning your boundaries and making you feel inferior to them. That is not of God, and you don’t have to deal with it. Be confident, bold, and consistent because God is working through you.

God is with us daily, which means we can have a day-by-day faith that is consistent and thriving through boundaries.

We don’t have to be on a roller coaster daily, despite our ups and downs. Our trajectory can be a steady increase to the person and place God has for us. This is for you, and this can be you on Jesus.

So embrace every day as an opportunity to thrive in day-by-day faith. 

Have a great week, and I love you all,


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