Easter and the Empty Tomb

Happy Easter!

We are so excited about this weekend that we’re prepared to serve you and your family as we celebrate Jesus.

He’s alive and the tomb is empty!

The resurrection is the most important historical event because it completed Jesus’ work for us. He lives and now whoever calls on His name shall be saved and freed from their sin.

This victory is ubiquitous in all points of life, including death. 

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”

1 Corinthians 15:55

Even death bows before Jesus because of what He did through His resurrection. 

Today, Easter speaks loud and clear that Jesus is alive and that He’s coming back to take us to heaven. We have this Hope because He lives.

Within the Easter story, we also have an empty tomb!

The place where Jesus lay for three days is now empty. 

“He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. Come, see where His body was lying.”

Matthew 28:6

I love this because Mary Magdalene and Peter and John saw the empty tomb. In fact, the garments they used to wrap His body, were folded, laying in the place where His body was. 

 “He stooped and looked in and saw the linen wrappings lying there, but he didn’t go in.”

John 20:5

This resurrection changed everything, and now, the church is thriving, growing, and having an awakening!

But what does the empty tomb mean for us?


Tombs are where things are buried and covered up. When it comes to burial plots, rightfully so. But Jesus‘s tomb speaks to so much more.

Because Jesus‘ tomb is empty, I believe our tombs can be empty too. Now one day, the dead in Christ shall rise, and our burial plots will be emptied. But right now, the tombs of our lives can be emptied too.

There’s no doubt that all of us have buried things in our lives. Mistakes, shame, bad memories, unforgiveness, moments, events, pain, embarrassment, struggles, dreams and more. These things are real and they impact us significantly, which is why we bury them.

But Jesus has the power to empty our tombs and set us free. He can heal our wounds and give us new beginnings. He can pain and provide us with purpose. He can take what has been lost and return it in new ways. Jesus is our resurrection right now, and the tombs of our past and present can be emptied through Christ.

This means we have hope where there’s been no hope. We can have peace where there’s been a torment. We can have new beginnings where we’ve lost something. God can do miracles right now!

What have you buried along the way?

Jesus is alive and can empty your tombs. 

So how do we have this?

First, believe He is able and willing to do this.

Everything we have from God comes through faith. Therefore, we must start believing that He is alive and that He can empty our tombs.

There’s nothing He can’t do, and He specializes in giving us new beginnings and causing all things to become new. He is your healer, deliverer, redeemer, and provider.

No matter what has been buried, Jesus can do something about it. 

Second, give Him what’s in the tomb.

When we bury something, we’re trying to forget it and to get it away from us. This is understandable, especially as we go through heartache. 

But when we bury something, it ends there. When we give it to God, it begins there. 

That means our hurt, pain, and whatever else has been buried can find new life and purpose through Jesus. But we must give it to God for Him to have a chance to do something in our life. We don’t do this physically but rather spiritually through our actions and prayers.

Our actions speak to what we believe in our words reveal what’s in our hearts. So we start there and let God begin to have what is in our tombs. 

You can pray something like this, “Jesus, I give the dream for my family being unified that I’ve put in a tomb.   I commit this dream to you for your resurrection power to give life to it again.”

I pray that this Easter, you would let Jesus have the buried things of your life so that He could fill you with resurrection power. He specializes in new beginnings, and He cannot only heal you, but He can restore all things.

This is a great time to let God in your tombs. Let Him set you free, and let Him move in your heart with life and power.

He lives, and the tomb is empty. So reach up to Jesus because He can empty our tombs too! 

Happy Easter, and see you this weekend; the best is yet to come!


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