Everyone is rooted to something. This defines what we do, what we value, what we honor and what is important to us. 

Inevitably, what we’re rooted to shows up through the fruit of our lives.

If we’re rooted in money, that will show. If we’re rooted in vanity, that will show. If we’re rooted in sex, that will show. If we’re rooted in addictions, that will show. If we’re rooted in family, that will show. If we’re rooted in health, that will show. If we’re rooted in Jesus, that will show. If you’re rooted in politics, that will show too.

Whatever we’re rooted in, determines the fruit we have in our lives. Or we can say it this way, the quality of our lives is a direct result of what we’re rooted to. The good news is, if we don’t like our life, we can change our soil and get rooted to Jesus.

So, what are you rooted in?

Jesus said BIG truth when He gave a parable in Mark chapter four about the different soils that are reflected in the Kingdom of God. 

From this we can gauge where we are and what we can possibly change. 

The truth is, building our lives on Jesus is the safest place to be. From this, we are rooted to Him. Meaning, He’s our foundation, He’s our hope, He’s our purpose, He’s our leader that directs our lives. When this happens, the wind will come and the storms will blow, but the good hand of our God keeps us grounded to endure!

“Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock.”

Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭25‬


 Are the four soils Jesus mentions in Mark 4:15-20. From this insight, we can evaluate what we’re rooted to and make adjustments and or affirm what we’re currently doing. 

Please remember, the quality of our lives is a result of what we’re rooted to.

First, the footpath in verse 15. This is where we hear the word of God but then the enemy comes and takes it away. 

This speaks to us that the devil hates the Word of God growing in our lives; therefore, He seeks to take it out of our lives and fill us with other things.

Maybe today, you’re at the footpath where, you’re reaching for Jesus but not sure. Please don’t stay here. Move forward and let your roots go deep into Christ. 

Second, the rock soil in verse 16. This is where we hear the rod of God and have joy in it. But then, since the roots aren’t deep, when persecution or problems come, it fades away.

This speaks of the possibility of our roots being in a Christ but not deep enough. I encourage you today, go deep with God. Don’t hold back and let your faith grow by digging in deep with the roots of faith.

Every miracle starts with a problem so please don’t let them stop what God can do in your life. 

Third, the soil with thorns in verse 18. This is where we hear the word of God but the message is removed by the worries of life, the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things. 

Today, this is a big temptation for everyone because the devil is a master of distractions. He loves to lure us away through these things but in the end, we’re empty and void of God.

I encourage you, let Jesus be your treasure. Let what He’s doing be your passion. Make Him the place you plan your roots and move forward in your faith.

He’s the only one who can bless you with everything you need and more.

Fourth, the good soil in verse 20. This is where we hear the word of God and plant our roots in Him. Notice, this is where we have fruit in the Christ that is thirty, sixty and hundred fold. 

Our job is to cultivate our lives as good soil.

But how?

By being rooted in Jesus!

Be a part of what He is doing. Be a part of His mission to reach the world with His Gospel. Let Him have His way in your life and watch the quality of it, be more than you dreamed.

I encourage you, be rooted in Jesus. Be rooted in what matters most and watch what matters to you, be blessed and healthy. 

This is possible through Christ. 

May God help us be rooted in Him.


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