Chose to Make a Difference

“Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”

Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭21‬

I believe, our lives can make an impact that echoes for eternity. This is what God has intended for each of us as we are here on this earth for a purpose; furthermore, a purpose that helps others find life in Jesus.

However, our time is limited and we have one life to use for good. This is why I believe, we cannot be caught up in the evil going on around us but rather focus on the good we can do in Christ to change it. Notice what Paul told the church in Rome, don’t let evil conquer you but conquer it by doing good. This speaks to a pro-active faith that looks for ways to reflect Christ as we show others who He is.

So how do we make a difference?

I believe one of the greatest ways we can do this is by reaching out to the people in our lives. This is our family, coworkers, friends and those we’re connected to through school and sports. This is a perfect opportunity to befriend others and to impact them for eternity. In fact, I believe God has put these people in our lives for us to show who Jesus is.

However, the enemy many times has us focus on the tension or the frustrations we have with these individuals and while this is a reality, if we don’t see the greater truth we can miss the moment to make a difference.

Who is in your life today that needs Jesus?

Did you know that Jesus is reaching for them? 

He reaches for them through you! 

“And on some have compassion, making a distinction;”  

Jude‬ ‭1‬:‭22

When we break through the compassion barrier, God comes through us. This is what happened for Jesus on multiple occasions when the Bible says, He was moved with compassion and what followed was a miracle.

Right now, I am challenged to break through the compassion barrier to those around me. It’s so easy to shut down and be wild off based on choices that people make which are contrary to our beliefs. But Jesus has called us higher! He’s called us to extend compassion to those around us and in doing so, make a difference in their lives.

Didn’t Jesus show you and I compassion? Doesn’t He still show us compassion? This is our moment to reach out and love other people beyond what we see and connect with God in what He sees for them. 

Far too often, we can get caught up in the evil happening, that we don’t do anything to change it. But Jesus has called us to do something about it. 

He’s called us to make a difference! 

How do we do this?

First, write out a prayer list of people in your life that need Jesus. Begin to pray for them every day and that’s the power of the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to see who Jesus is for them.

Second, ask God to open doors in conversation for you to share who Jesus is. I believe the change that we seek will happen one person at a time. Therefore, asking God for clear moments with those in our lives, is where God wants to move.

When these moments do happen, the greatest thing we can do is share our experience with God. We are not called to argue or debate people, but rather we are called to share our experience with Jesus with other people. It’s good to remember that our experience is greater than someone’s argument. So share it.

Third, invite the people in your life to church with you. It’s my heart that City Church is a safe place for you to bring your family and your friends. It’s important that our home church is a place where we feel good about bringing those in our lives. Because something great happens when we come together and worship.

This is why we’re doing At The Movies in November as we reach for those that are lost. 

So who could you invite to church? Who can you reach out to and be a bridge to Jesus for them?

So today, choose to make a difference and show Jesus to someone around you. There’s nothing greater than being a part of someone coming to Jesus!

This is our moment to do good and conquer evil. God is with you and you can do this! 

The best is yet to come.


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