First Place

There’s something about the first time…

We rode our bike, went on a date, got accepted, got rejected, learned life lessons, achieved a goal, didn’t make a goal, had success, had a setback and most importantly, encountered God.

The first time stands out above the other times because it imprints the heart in a new way. These moments leave a memory, a feeling and a moment that always goes with us. The first time helps build the blocks of our lives in what we expect and in many ways how to respond to situations. This at times, is for our good and at other times for our detriment. 

The first time impacts what’s First Place in our hearts.

This is overlooked too often because we don’t make the connections to what has shaped our expectations in how we respond, what we hope for and in the attitude we have. 

There’s no doubt in life, I’ve lived rejected because of the first time I was rejected. The times of rejection that followed just fortified this narrative. Therefore, I’ve intentionally chosen to live accepted because God has accepted me. This is a conscious decision I make because if I’m not careful, I can slip back into rejection mode.

I’m determined to not have rejection be First place in my life. I choose Jesus to be First place in my life.

This is a daily choice I must make because He’s rewriting the script I’ve told myself over the years. When He’s in first place, everything else will be in its rightful place. This gives order, peace, blessings, longevity and priorities that lead to what God has for us. 

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬. 

This is a verse in Jesus’ famous message, the sermon on the mount. He’s giving us a new way to live, and a new target for what should be first place in our lives; Him!

In the necessities of life, He is the greatest and when we have Him in first place, we will have what we need. 

This of course, is the daily challenge of our lives because everything is competing to be first place in our hearts. In fact, it’s so easy to make other things number one, than it is making Jesus number one. However, when we make Him first place, the blessings of God can reach all the areas of our lives. 

We must not underestimate the importance of what is First Place in our lives!

It’s determining everything. What we value, what we’re becoming like, what we’re giving our time to, what we value as important, who we’re spending time, being thankful or unthankful, content or discontent. All of these and more are a by-product, of what or who is in first place. 

What’s First place in your life?

Notice some first things that we give to God, in making Him first place. 

We go to church on the First Day of the week. (Exodus 20:8).

We give our First portion of income to Him, which is our tithe and offerings. 

(Malachi 3:10-12).

We give Him our First Love (Revelation 2:4).

We put Him in First Place (Matthew 6:33).

These things were given to us as a way we live our lives and as a focus, to what matters most.

First Place. This belongs to Jesus!

When this happens, God is our passion. Family is a gift. Church is a joy. Community is a must. Relationships are getting healthy. Giving is exciting. Love is growing and faith is rising.

So, what’s First place in your life?

Let it be Jesus! 

Go all in. Nothing left behind. All of you, right now. It’s the only way to live. 

Remember what Paul said.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:18

Jesus, First Place.


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