Have you noticed that everyone has morning breath?

No one is exempt; therefore, everyone must brush their teeth and, it wouldn’t hurt to use mouthwash. Or at least we hope that everyone does this, right?

It’s funny how no matter who we are, we all need to do certain things daily. Take a shower, put our clothes on, brush our teeth and yes, use mouthwash. This is not only self care, it’s courtesy toward others. So yeah, I think it’s good that we use mouthwash, daily.

But this blog isn’t about our oral hygiene, it’s about a spiritual mouthwash we can have daily, in Christ. Yes, there’s a spiritual mouthwash, God’s word, we can use and when we do, the impact is far reaching because, God pays attention to our words. 

“21. Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction. 22. The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Proverbs 18:21-22


Notice two big things God is saying to us, in these verses.

First, our words fill us or satisfy us, like a good meal. Meaning, our words can fill us and or, they leave us unsatisfied, like a bad meal. 

This is interesting because we feed on the words we say to ourselves, just like we feed on the words from others. In a recent study I did on thoughts, it said that, eighty percent of our thoughts are negative and ninety percent are repetitive. So, most of the day, we’re telling feeding in negative, empty words, that leave us unsatisfied. 

The result of this is anger, frustration, negativity, despair, cynicism and more. The reality is, we’re feeding on negative words on a daily basis, and it’s impacting us more than we know. This is why we must speak to ourselves what God says!

When we do, we will feed on peace, hope, life, joy, expectation of good things coming and faith, that God is moving.

This is why we must use God’s mouthwash daily, and be satisfied with His word in our hearts. 

Second, death and life are in our mouth. Meaning, words are living things and they produce things in us and around us.

This is why we can remember words and conversations from years ago and the emotions we felt when they happened. All of us have something good said to us, and we felt it in our heart, giving us a physical feeling. We’ve also had something bad said to us, and we felt the impact of it in our bodies too.

The reason these things don’t leave us is because words are living and they do something in us and around us.

Therefore, when we use God’s mouthwash, it cleans our lives and gives life to things in us and around us. Notice in our verse, we choose if we’re going to use this mouthwash; therefore, we can have life or death in what we say.

So, are you using this mouthwash daily?

It’s my encouragement that today, we intentionally use God’s mouthwash, by speaking His word over our lives. Finding verses that speak life into the things of our lives, believing God can do what we can’t. Believing that God’s plan is good and believing that God can do anything in our lives.

Just think, why wouldn’t we speak God’s word over our lives?

It’s truth, it’s real and it’s settled in heaven!

We must remember, if God’s word is not defining our expectations of what we can have, then what is? TV? Social media? The news? The opinions of others? The negative thoughts we all have?

I hope not!

Because God has something so much better and it’s found in His word. Therefore, today, let’s make the decision to use mouthwash, daily. Just like how we need daily hygiene care, we need daily spiritual mouthwash!

So move forward daily. Give God a chance to do a miracle in your life.

The best is yet to come,


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