Built to Last

Elwood and Virginia Norris, and Kirby and Virginia Tiller were my grandparents. I had the honor of growing up with them, as a big part of my life. Furthermore, I had an up close example of what I could have, as my life developed. 

Both of these couples were married over 62 years and they modeled what built to last means. I’m a product of their love story and their life story and because of this, I’m better for it. 

When we have someone that is built to last in our lives, it shapes what could be and should be. This is because deep down, we all want this. From marriage, family, our faith, success, longevity and more, we want to be, built to last. 

But, so many things don’t last. Have you noticed?

So if we want this in our lives, how do we have it?


I know this may seem too simple, but it’s true. When Jesus is where He should be in our lives, He makes us, built to last. 

This is because when we make Him the Lord of our lives, we become more like Him. Think about that, if He’s steady, I become steady. If He’s love, I’m empowered to love more. If He’s the prince of peace, I can receive peace. If He’s the healer, I can be healed. Whatever we worship, is what we become like. 

Therefore, when Jesus is the cornerstone of our lives, we become built to last.

Ephesians 2:20 says it this way, 

“Together, we are His house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus Himself.”

Ephesians 2:20


This is referencing who we are in Christ as His church and that Jesus Himself, is the cornerstone we’re built on. His foundation never shakes or is shaken. He’s completely steady, enduring and mighty; furthermore, He makes our lives, what they can be!

The cornerstone in the Bible was the most important stone of a house. It was placed in the corner and carefully set to be level, and secured. When the cornerstone was right, the rest of the house would be right. If it was wrong, then the house would be wrong too. It was the one stone, that determined everything else in the home.

That’s the picture of Jesus being the cornerstone in our lives too.

When He’s in His rightful place, everything else will be in alignment to Him. We will have order and from that, we can have all He wants to give. Our part is to make Him, the cornerstone of our lives. Meaning, He’s number one. He’s the boss and the leader of our lives. It’s with Him and through Him, that everything flows to us.

This is what my grandparents did, in their lives and it’s why, they were built to last. Their marriage, kids, money, commitment, purpose and more, were through the lens of Jesus being the cornerstone of everything. When they went through tough times, they made it and we’re stronger through it.

This is what we can have when Jesus is our cornerstone.

So my encouragement is this, make Jesus your cornerstone. Make Him number one, from which everything flows in your life. When’s He’s number one, we will be built to last.

No matter where you are right now, being built to last can start today. Jesus gives the opportunity of a lifetime, when He’s the cornerstone of our lives. 

There’s no life God can’t touch and there’s no life God can’t change and make, built to last!

Have a great day and the best is yet to come,


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