Mom, Thank You, For Everything

Mom, thank you, for everything!

There’s something about Moms, that at times can’t be quantified. The impact they have on us individually and our families, is monumental.

Their words of encouragement, go deep into our hearts and live on within us. These words give life, and hope as we navigate the things around us. In fact, there are times, our mom’s belief in us, stands alone, when others don’t believe we can do it. 

Their touch of warmth and hugs of acceptance, can melt our hearts and heal our aches. There have been times in my life, when my mom’s hand touching my shoulder, has done more in me than I could understand. Have you been there? 

Their acts of service, make a way for us to have a home, have a family meal, go to school and have a chance at sports or other activities. The selfless service of car rides, early mornings, needed talks and just being there, give the opportunities we need to move forward in our lives.

Oh yes, Moms have great power in our lives, and it’s a blessing, when we have that relationship.

I also know, for some, they don’t have this type of relationship. Maybe that’s the place you’re at right now, and all I know, is that God sees you, and He’s with you. 

The reason why Moms have this influence is by design from God. 

Moms are the thermostat in the home, which means, as they go, so does the family. This is biblical as Proverbs 14:1 gives us an insight, to what God has created,

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”

Notice, it’s the lady that has the power to build her home, but they also have the power to tear it down.

This is why I say that Moms are the thermostat, that determines the temperature of the home. Men are to love their wives, as Christ loves the church, and when they do, that home will be filled with warmth and love. We can say, as the Mom goes, so does the family.

This speaks to the power and influence that God has given moms. 

Which is why my encouragement is two-fold.

First, Moms everywhere, please know that your impact reaches farther than you see. Your influence is greater than what you know and your love is needed more than ever.

No matter what you see right now, God is using you in great ways to love and shape your family, through the word of God. Your consistency and faith, can turn things around and see victory with your prayers. Keep going, keep loving, keep praying and please, let God make you the woman He has called you to be. We need you and your legacy of faith, will live for generations!

Second, all of us should honor our moms. What they have done for us, is more than we know and when we honor them, it brings joy to their hearts. It’s been said that, there’s nothing like a Mother’s touch, but there’s also nothing like a child’s touch to their Mother. The fulfillment we can give them through our love, is needed and valued.

Furthermore, God tells us to honor our mother and father in Ephesians 6:2. It’s says, “Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise:”

Today, our moms need our love too.

They need our attention, our patience and our time. After all, they have given all of this and more; therefore, it’s important we give it back.

So, as we approach Mother’s Day weekend, let’s make it count. Let’s make memories and let’s give beyond ourselves.

Moms, you matter. You’re needed and you’re valued.

Everyone else, our moms need to hear us, feel us and be with us. This is our time to celebrate them and say, thank you.

However, if this weekend is hard for you, please know, God is with you and He knows what you’re feeling. Furthermore, He has the power to heal your heart and give you peace in this moment.

So, Mom, thank you and Happy Mother’s Day! 

We love you.


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