Have your ever boiled water? I’m confident either you have, or you’ve seen someone else do this as they were making dinner. I know for me, when it’s my turn to make dinner for the family, my go-to is spaghetti, so boiling water is a must.

Did you know, that water boils at 212°?

Not 211° but rather 212°. It’s specific and it matters because something happens when you get to this temperature, that begins to boil the water and make it ready for something more.

Notice, it’s when the water boils that something changes. This scientific truth, actually is a great picture of a spiritual truth in our lives. 

Did you know, it is possible to boil for God? I know this sounds weird but spiritually speaking, we can burn hot for God and when we do, I believe miracles happen.

This is exactly what the Bible says in James, 

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

James 5:16

The Greek word for earnest means, to boil. That’s right, some prayers are boiling at 212°, in faith and passion. While other prayers are maybe cold or they are almost there at 211°. This is true because James specifically uses the word that means boiling. 

This speaks of passion, faith, hunger and desperation. It speaks to a focus of faith that produces answered prayer. The verse says, the boiling prayer has great power, and produces wonderful results.

Isn’t this what we want? Maybe!

I think sometimes, we want the answers to our prayers but maybe struggle in boiling hot in our prayers. This is because, it takes intentionality to be all in for God. 

But the truth is, God has always been all in for us, now it’s our turn, to be all in for Him. This is what it means to be boiling hot in our faith. It’s passion, determination, desire and hunger for God who made us and who saved us.  

It’s a willingness to go beyond the barriers within us, and discover what’s waiting for us in Jesus. It’s humility, to give ourselves as a sacrifice for God to use and to see, what God can do in our lifetime.

This is what we want! Deep down in the heart of our faith, we are desperate for God.

The challenge is, we are bombarded with distractions and overwhelmed with the things in front of us. However, when we burn hot for Jesus the distractions get prioritized and we keep the main thing the main thing. Furthermore, the things we’re facing in front of us are navigated with peace because Jesus is the prince of our peace.

When this happens, our prayers will be at 212°, which will produce wonderful results. 

Are you facing a desperate situation today?

God can do something about it and more importantly, God can do something great  in you.

I believe it’s these moments of desperation that we all face, that can propel us into a boiling fire for God. It’s here, that something can be released through our faith, that connects to God as a boiling prayer and thus, produces results.

I don’t know about you, but I want my prayers to be boiling for God. I need Him! I want Him and I’m reaching for Him. Over the years I’ve learned, the desperate situation of our lives are not a punishment from God, but rather an opportunity for God to move in a great way.

So I encourage you, be 212° for Jesus. This is where our prayers produce wonderful results. Choose to be all in for God and let God be all in through you.

Remember, Philippians 4:13 says, “we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength.” So through Jesus, we can do this! 

Have a great day and the best is yet to come,


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