Have You Ever Been All In For Something?

Have you ever been all in for something?

If you have, you know it because everything in you, is moving in a unified direction. It consumes you with passion and furthermore, it causes you to go beyond the limits you have. 

It’s my belief that something great happens when we’re all in for something, especially something that matters.

However, this is a struggle because so many times, we’re all in for something that doesn’t matter most and furthermore, it’s doesn’t matter for eternity. 

When this happens, the imbalance of our lives shows itself by having success in some things, but then struggle in our marriage, parenting, meaningful friends and God. This leads to having the things we think we want, but not having the things we really need.

Therefore, our challenge is to be all in with the right priorities, so that, we have the totality our lives are fulfilled.

This is only possible through Jesus!

God designed us to be all in with our gifts, talents and motivations. He designed us to fully live and to maximize our lives. In fact, the only way to truly live, is to be all in!

This is where we come alive and seize the moment of the one life we have. This is where our hearts are full, and where we live by faith and with no regrets. 

Isn’t this what we want? Yes!

Isn’t this passion what we need to thrive? Yes!

So what’s next?

Let’s start with this, are you all in with Jesus?

Psalms 104:4 describes it this way, 

“The winds are your messengers; flames of fire are your servants.”

And Romans 5:8 describes what He did,

“But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.”


After all, He’s all in for you. He died for you and me while we were sinners. He came to us when we walked away from Him and through all of our stuff, He’s still there with conditional love. 

So know, it’s our turn to come to Him and be all in! We do this by letting Jesus have our heart and filling us with passion for Him. 

This means, my life, my decisions, my perspective is centered on Him. In reality, I let go of my life, He holds it. I give my heart, He fills it. I make Him my center, He has me as the center of His eye. I give my passion, He gives me more. 

This is where we’re safe. This is where we’re alive and this is where we discover purpose, real purpose.

However, at times it’s easier to be more all in for our kids little league baseball team, than being all in for Him. 

Now hear me, I love watching my kids play sports and there’s nothing wrong with it. But, this is not my existence and furthermore, it’s not my kids either. They are more than that, they are children of the King.  

So I encourage you, move towards Jesus and begin a life of being all in for Him. 

When we’re all in for Jesus, He takes our gifts and talents and promotes us in our lives.

This is where we have success and promotion. To me, this is so cool because, the gifts we have are from Him; therefore, being all in for Jesus, doesn’t diminish my gifts, it augments them to a greater level.

He desires to help us maximize our gifts to prosper us for His glory. When we’re all in for Jesus, the promotion of our gifts, brings glory to Him and causes us to be seen by others.

But too often, we think that being all in takes away from our lives, when it reality, it’s what makes our lives more.

Today, right now, God has a plan that goes beyond what you and I think. He has something for you, that’s bigger than you. All He’s waiting on, is for us to be all in for Him. 

In truth, this is a lifelong choice that requires daily decisions. We have to decide, I’m going to be all in for Jesus first, and let everything else follow. This is where our pain is healed and used as a story of redemption. This is where our marriage can thrive for decades and where our kids can grow and be all God has called them to be. This is where He can bless our career and give us protection and promotion over our working years.

This is what we want and this is what He put in our hearts to have. Our part, is to be all in for Him.

So, open your heart to Him. Let Him in your world by taking active steps toward Him. Being active in your local church. Read the Bible daily. Pray daily and surround yourself with the right people, going in the same direction. We all need help, so be pro-active and be all in for Jesus. 

What are you all in for today?

If it’s not Jesus, begin to move toward Him. Make Him the center of your life and see what He does, when you’re all in for Him.

I believe the best is yet to come for you in Jesus and today is your day for more of Him. 

God bless you and the best is yet to come.


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