heart of God

Heart of God

Here we are, it’s December which means, it’s time for Christmas. 

This is a great time of the year as we celebrate Christ’s birth, be with family and have time to reflect on what matters most. The Christmas story is the greatest story because, it’s about the Heart of God being revealed in sending Jesus as a gift to humanity. 

He is a gift because through Him we have everything we need! Things like eternal life, peace, joy, healing, freedom, purpose, grace and so much more. It’s in Jesus that we have the indescribable gift, salvation!

Who could imagine that, someone like us could be cleaned from the inside out and be saved from our sins? Who could imagine that our guilt and shame would be broken off of our lives? Only Jesus can do this because this is the Heart of God for you and for me. Furthermore, this is the Heart of God for everyone because, whoever calls on the Name of the Lord, shall be saved (see Romans 10:13).

So what we do with the Heart of God?

This is a BIG question because how we answer it, determines how we live our lives. This references how we see ourselves, how we see others and how we let God come through us. 

At City we call this, Heart for the House! 

We choose to take the Heart of God and share it freely with others by loving Our Home, Our Neighborhood and Our World. It’s in these three areas that we have the chance to make a difference by using our temporal life for eternal impact. 

To do this, Jesus shows us how in Matthew 5:15-16,

“15. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

Matthew 5:15-16

Notice, we let His light shine through us by doing good deeds. From these, others will see God and be saved. This is why we can’t afford to hide our light, dim our light and only share our light with those we like and agree with. We have to shine for ALL to see Jesus!

So at City, Heart for the House is the Heart of God being expressed through our lives. 

This is first our home. We value and believe in the local church because this is the plan of Jesus. It’s my belief God wants churches to be the light of the World, like a city on hilltop for all to see. This speaks of impact through giving, serving and loving in ways that make a difference. 

Every Christian has a place in the local church and every Christian is to be an active part in the local church.

Second is our neighborhood. This means, we love the city we live in and we do things to make it better. Where we live, is where God wants us to shine. Where we live, is where God wants to use us. Our role is to NOT complain about it and blame others, but rather it’s to do something about it and make Jesus seen and known! 

Every Christian has a part in this by giving financially to God’s work, being a part of serving others and seeing a need and then fill it!

Third is our world. This means we love the nations of the world. We see ourselves as a part of the bigger picture that God is doing globally. After all this is the last thing Jesus said while on earth in Matthew 28:18-20. These words are the great commission of every Christian and every local church. 

We are moved to help the widows, the orphans, the needy and beyond. We are active in our faith, to help others grow in their faith and to receive Jesus. 

This is the Heart of God and this is how we do it through Heart for the House!

So as we approach our Heart for the House offering on December 5th, how can you be a part?

I’m asking you to pray and ask what you should give. Then commit to what He says and then, plan for your generosity.

When we act on our faith things not only happen in us, but they also happen through us. This is what we do with the Heart of God!

So have a Christmas season and may Jesus shine bright through you!


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