deeper than my wallet

Deeper than my Wallet

Have ever heard someone say something that was on the edge, and then say, they were just kidding? 

I bet the answer is yes and maybe we have done this ourselves. But every time I’ve heard this, I’ve always wondered if they weren’t kidding but really telling what was in their heart.

It’s my belief that most of the time, this is what’s happening and they use a comment on the edge, to get it out. 

But this reality has another layer, that impacts our faith and it’s deeper than my wallet.

When it comes to God and our money, we can find ourselves thinking things and saying things that are on the edge, but really, it’s revealing a deeper truth. This is because money has a way of triggering us like nothing else. There’s a connection between our heart, our emotions, our identity, to our money. It’s linked to so many aspects of our lives and when it comes to God and our money, it’s easy to miss the big picture.

This is because it’s always deeper than my wallet meaning, there’s more to our potential hang ups with it. 

Jesus said it this way,

““No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and be enslaved to money.”

Mathew 6:24


Notice this truth, when I serve God, money serves me! 

This is the only way to do it! We must make God the LORD or in charge of our lives, including our money. When this happens, money serves us and we are not ruled by its temptation and allure.

This is why it’s deeper than my wallet because the real issue could be, greed, fear, selfishness, pride, offense, anger, power and control issues and so much more.

It’s these things that Jesus is wanting to heal us from because all of them are a sin if not dealt with. 

So notice, the enemy wants us to stay on the surface, saying and thinking things that are on the edge, but not really getting to things of our heart. 

This is why Jesus talked more about money than heaven when He was on the earth, because He knew that this issue could keep people from heaven. He wasn’t reaching for their wallets, He was reaching for their hearts. 

Today, He’s doing the same, and this is why it’s deeper than my wallet.

He’s reaching for our hearts! 

The deeper work is to heal us from greed, fear, selfishness, pride, offense, anger, power and control issues. He wants to clean our hearts and do a new thing in our lives. When Jesus does this deep work in us, this is how we become new people! This is how we are changed from the inside out.

Isn’t this what we want? Of course it is! 

The truth is, money is a part of our faith and it’s an expression of our worship and love for God. There’s no doubt that God is reaching for all of our hearts at a deeper level. He does this in many ways, and one of those ways is through our finances.

I encourage you and challenge you, yield to God what He ask of you. Tithes and offerings are something we get to give to Him. Try it! Put Him to the test (see Malachi 3:10) and see not only the blessing He gives but also the heart change He gives within you!

Have a great day and I believe that God has great things for your life and the best is yet to come.


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