No Dark Corners

No Dark Corners

One of the hardest places to keep clean in our homes, is the corners. Have you ever noticed this?

From dust, cobwebs, dirt and if you have little kids- toys, the corners are a common spot for these things. Because of this, you have to clean consistently, or the corners will be unclean.

But this is not just a truth about our homes, it’s also a truth about our lives. If fact, it’s more about our lives than it is anything else because, the cleanliness of our corners will impact everything in our lives.

Think about this, the cornerstone of a house was the most important because, when it is was right, the rest of the house would be right too. This is the same for us too. 

When the corners of our lives are clean, the rest of our lives will be clean too. This doesn’t mean we’re perfect but it does mean, we’re healthy and moving forward with God. 

But if we’re honest, it’s tempting to leave the corners hidden for no one to see. It’s like putting a chair or a piece of furniture in front of the corner, so no one sees what’s behind it. This is often what we do with our lives, but God is calling us to more. He’s calling us to have No Dark Corners in our lives and live clean with God, ourselves and with others. 

Notice what Jesus said about this, 

“If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light.””

Luke 11:36

‭‭I love this verse because when we have no dark corners, our WHOLE life will be radiant with His light!!

This is how we can live and this is what we can have through Jesus!

But, we have to make the decision, to have no dark corners in our lives, and when we do, God things take place!

This is especially important as we think about Jesus coming back and things in the world winding up according to His scriptures. When we live with no dark corners, our conscience is clean anticipating His return and moreover, being ready for it.

So how do we have, no dark corners?

First, be honest with God. In your personal time with Him, let Him know your thoughts, feelings and actions. He knows it all anyway but, there’s something about us confessing it that is healing and life changing. I encourage you to do this today.

Second, be honest with yourself. I believe the greatest lie, is the one we tell ourselves. We must be honest with ourselves and realize, that without God we are hopeless and on a path of pain. But when we choose God, we can be hopeful and on a path of purpose. I encourage you today to be honest with yourself.

Third, make amends with others. Many times in our lives, dark corners are connected to other people. This could be secrets, holding grudges, unforgiveness, doing wrong with them, unhealthy dynamics and so much more. Therefore, it’s vital that we seek to make amends with others because in doing so, we will be free. Making amends doesn’t mean that the relationship will be rebuilt or that they will respond correctly. It’s more so about us doing what’s right and being clean with them and with God. I encourage you today, make amends with others.

I believe these three areas of our life are how we have no dark corners.

So today, move forward in Jesus! Let His light, shine in the corners of your life. Let Him have all of you so that, your house is built strong, it’s built right and it’s built to last. 

Remember, when we live in the light we thrive! We hide in the dark, we die. Choose life! Choose hope! Choose Jesus!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come!


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