Free food

Free Food

Free Food! 

This is a phrase we all love to hear, especially when it’s food we want. It seems like this never gets old because we always respond to it. As teenagers, food rallies up a group or an event. As adults, it does the same. Think about it, when someone says they’re buying your lunch, there’s a freedom that comes when you order. You’re good to order a little more food or at least something that’s more expensive. Have you been there?

There’s no doubt, when someone else is buying our food, we’re ready to go! This solidifies that no matter our age, Free Food is a big deal to us.

But this also connects to God and us.

He has Free Food that comes from heaven and He gives it everyday. This is Soul Food, that always satisfies and that enriches us in every aspect of life. What’s amazing is that, His Food contains wisdom for anything we’re going through and when we receive it, the outcome is always good.

Think about it, there’s never a hangover, a sugar crash, unhealthy preservatives or anything else that could hurt us. In fact, His food is the exact opposite.

It nourishes, builds us up, makes us strong, fills our cup and gives energy for the day. Furthermore, it gives insight for what’s going on and a plan for what’s next. Oh yes, His food is His word and the way we eat it, is by reading what He says daily.

“But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Matthew 4:4

“Give us each day the food we need.”

Luke 11:3

Notice, we need natural food but we also need God’s food too. This is how He feeds our soul and strengthens our spirit. In fact, we can pray, “give us the food we need today.” This speaks of spiritual food that we all need and it’s Free!

But just like our natural bodies, we need fresh food daily. Yesterday’s food will not sustain what we need today which means, when must have God’s food daily too.

We need His fresh food that will water our soul, give clarity in our mind and fill our heart with peace. We need His direction, His thoughts and His promises on a daily basis. When we do this, we’re better and we’re enriched in what matters most in our lives.

So, I wonder today, what did you eat?

Not your natural food, but God’s food?

He’s willing and ready to give you and I exactly what we need. Our part, is to take time and read His word and pray to receive it.

What could you use today?

Is it peace, joy, thankfulness, grace, provision, help, strength, endurance, courage, forgiveness, mercy or love? All of this and more are in His food and He’s ready to give it for free.

With this in mind I encourage you, above anything that you eat naturally, take time and eat His Free Food from heaven.

I believe when we do this, things get better and our days get more full of the things we really need!

Love you all and enjoy, God’s Free Food.


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