Free Refills

Free refills are legit! Whenever this is provided, it’s like we go in and get as much tea, soda and more that we can.

This is true for me and my family when we’re at the amusement park Holiday World. That’s right, they give free refills all day long. This is even a selling point because it saves money and gives this sense of relief that, I’ll have enough to drink today. The problem is when you drink several cups of soda on a hot day and then, you almost throw up on the roller coaster. Yeah, watch out for that.

But in truth, any time we’re at a restaurant and they have free refills, we let our four kids get root beer and go for it. This is because there’s something that clicks in our minds when we have, Free Refills.

Conversely, I’ve been to places and the drinks were too expensive with no refills, which means, little sips to make the one drink you got, go the distance. Or, we just get water and forget it. Have you been to a place like that?

It’s funny how we respond to what is provided in regards to whether we have Free Refills or not.

But how does this connect to God?

God is unlimited! Meaning, no matter what we’ve seen, there’s more. No matter what we need, there’s enough. No matter what we’ve received, we can have more. This is big because understanding this, enlarges our expectation of God in our lives.

The truth is, we need Refills of the Holy Spirit everyday. Our hearts and minds need to be drenched in His love and ways, as we navigate life. So much comes at us daily and furthermore, so much is competing for our number one affection. Which means, we need Refills of the Holy Spirit daily.

“13. Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. 14. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

John 4:13-14

Notice, the water that Jesus gives quenches our thirst forever. What He gives not only sustains now, but also will last for eternity.

This is what He told the woman at the well who had a cup in life, with holes in it. But then, Jesus changed everything and healed the holes and filled her cup into everlasting life. This would change her life and thus, change her eternity.

For us today, the Holy Spirit is the heavenly water we can have. It’s His Refills that refresh us and empower us daily. But there’s no doubt, that all of us get drained as we navigate the daily grind. The waters of relationships with ourselves and others, is overwhelming and we need God. This isn’t easy and yet, God has a daily Refill for us and it’s free.

I encourage you today, reach out for a Heavenly Refill!

Let Jesus invigorate your faith, causing you to thrive in that living place with Him. This is what the Holy Spirit does daily, our part is to reach up and receive it!

So, how do we get these Refills?

First, receive the heavenly water by reading His word daily. His word is water for our spirit and healing for our soul. Get a rhythm that works for you and allow His word to cover over you daily. Whether it’s one verse or many chapters, His word is the water we need.

Second, prayer is our way of talking to God, which opens our heart to hear Him speak back. I encourage you daily, to pray in the rhythm and place that fits you. God is ready to speak and when we pray, it gives Him a chance to move in our lives (see James 4:2).

Third, I encourage you to worship God every day. This means in your car, in your home or anywhere else, worship God to music. When we worship, our hearts open and we can receive the Free Refill of heaven. This is a great way the Holy Spirit fills us and He lifts our spirit in hope and joy.

Are you thirsty in your life?

Let the water of heaven quench your thirst and fulfill you in every area. It’s always free and there’s plenty for you, so go to Him every day, and get what you need.

God has what you need and He’s ready to give His Free Refill!

Have a great day and the best is yet to come,


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