All In My Feelings

Have your feelings ever dictated what you did?


Come on now, who hasn’t done this, especially when we’re mad or frustrated. The truth is, this happens everyday because our feelings are a huge part of what we do, how we live and how we’re seeing the things around us. This is so much a part of us that it’s impossible to go through one day without having feelings.

It’s my hope that you’ve had amazing days where everything went perfect, and the feelings you felt will never be forgotten. Maybe like your wedding day, the birth of a child, a business being started or a goal being achieved. These moments carry feelings that are hard to explain and that last a lifetime.

I also know, that all of us have had agonizing days that brought feelings we didn’t want and what’s worse, these feelings don’t go away.

In fact, it can be years past the moment we went through and still feel the feelings we had, as if we were in it all over again. This is difficult and fascinating because, it shows how sensitive we are and how what we feel doesn’t go away when the moment does. All of this speaks to the daily grind of navigating our feelings and how we don’t have to live, All in my feelings.

This is crucial because the ease of living through our feelings is all too tempting, especially when we’re vulnerable to disappointment, frustration and anger.

Have you been there?

I know I have. Whenever I’ve done this, it hasn’t worked out because inevitably, I end up depending on my feelings to guide me more than God and yeah, that has never worked out.

But I’ve learned, I don’t have to be, All in my feelings, and I can take them to God and find exactly what I need.

I believe this is what we must do to have a healthy life as we move forward through all the feelings that come our way.

Feelings are not wrong, but rather it’s what we do with them that matters most. Where do we take our feelings? What is the deciding factor of our decisions? What is the standard we take all of our feelings to?

These questions matter because they answer, how we act, who is leading us and in the end, what decisions we’re making.

When we’re All in our feelings, we must take them to the Word of God. This is where we get guidance on what we should do with what we’re feeling. This is powerful because, God will never ignore our feelings but rather, He’ll give us the courage to face them and help us move forward through them. God is our helper and healer in everything we face and this includes, our feelings.

Which means, we don’t have to be out of control in our feelings or be perfect in them. We just need to take them to God, and have His help and healing in our lives.

“1. I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him. 2. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.”

Psalms 65:1-2

Notice the steps we can take when we’re in, All in my feelings.

First, I wait on God. This speaks to us taking our feelings to God. We do this by telling Him how we feel and what’s going on in us. When we don’t know what we’re feeling, we tell Him that too. There’s something powerful when we say out loud to God, what we’re feeling because it unloads them to God and He gives us what He has. Also notice, when I do this, my victory comes from Him. So, I’ll win the battle of my feelings when I give them to God and wait on Him.

Second, whatever we’re feeling, He’s our rock, salvation and fortress, where we won’t be shaken. This is HUGE because it’s easy for our feelings to shake us but in God, we will not be shaken. We may not always know what to do, but one thing we can always have, is God.

He’s the rock we build our lives on. He’s the salvation of our souls and He can heal us spirit, soul and body. He’s the fortress we go to, where our feelings can be healed and navigated through in a healthy way.

Isn’t this what we all want? YES!!

It’s also what we all need and right now, today, God is waiting for us to give Him our feelings. He’s waiting to heal us, fulfill us and to do what only He can do. He’s ready to help us so that we don’t live, All in our feelings.

There’s a better way! It’s God and with Him, nothing is impossible.

So, what are you feeling today?

Whatever it is, Jesus understands and He’s ready to be your rock, your salvation and your fortress. I encourage you, take your feelings to Him, He’s the answer you and I need right now!

I I love you and I believe, and the best is yet to come!


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