Turn the Light on

Have you ever been in a dark room?

I remember one time when me and my friends went caving, to explore this massive cave. While going through this cave, our lights went out for a moment and it was completely dark. I mean, we couldn’t see our hands in front of our face as we were in the darkness.

In this place it was easy to lose our sense of direction and where we were to each other. It was easy to be lost in the darkness and it didn’t take long before I had those feelings. Thankfully, our lights came back on, we saw the cave and got back out into the light of the sun. There’s nothing like getting back into the light!

But this speaks to a spiritual truth!

God is light but the devil is darkness. In fact, this is the battle we go through daily because the enemy loves to bring us into the dark with wrong thoughts, wrong actions and living in secrecy. But this is where the enemy lives and this is where he wants us to live too. This is why he loves for us to shut down and not open up to someone else. He loves for us to live in a world of secrecy, where we hide in the shroud of shame, guilt and pain. It’s needed for us to remember, the enemy wants us in the dark. This is because he wants us to lose our sense of direction in life and that we’re disconnected from the right people and eventually, lost in the darkness.

This is where too many people are living today and as a result, there’s confusion, strife and bondage.

But there’s a better way for us!

This happens when we turn the lights on! God is light because He is the Light! This is where we see where we’re going, where shame is broken, guilt is removed and lives are restored. This is where we live in truth and have peace in our minds and in our hearts. This is where we have the strength to overcome battles and furthermore, have life change from the inside out.

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Psalms 119:105

‭‭Notice what the light does for us. He guides our feet and lights up our path. This is huge because when we’re in the light, the enemy is defeated and we’re more than conquerors. When we’re in the light, we can see where we’re going and He always provides our need. It’s in this place where we see Jesus and have life change through His purpose!

So how do we turn the lights on?

First, refuse to live in secrecy! We must talk out loud the struggles and issues we have with someone else. We ALL need accountability and when we open our heart and share our stuff, the power it has over us is broken.

Every time I do this, I’m better, I’m free and I’m empowered to overcome whatever is trying to hold me captive.

Second, daily put the word of God in our heart and mind. We do this by reading the Bible but also memorizing scriptures and speaking them out loud over ourselves and family. This is BIG because His word is our lamp and light; therefore, every time I speak it, His Light is coming to me.

I encourage you today, get at least two verses that you memorize and pray them over yourself. Let His light fill you up by believing and praying His word.

Third, make amends with anyone in your life. This is big because making amends helps us move on, let go and be free of the things we’ve done wrong and of the things others have done wrong to us. This is where we get loosed from shame and guilt. This is where we can forgive ourselves and others, no matter what they or don’t do because the only thing we can control, is what we do.

Every time I’ve made amends, I’ve been empowered to be free from shame and guilt, which has made me a healthier person.

So I encourage you today, live in the light! Move forward in your faith. If I can do this, you can too.

We were made to live in the light and the time is NOW! Refuse the darkness, by turning the lights on!

God is for you and the best is yet to come!


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