A Life for a LIFE

In 2004 a movie came out titled, Man on Fire. Denzel Washington was the leading role, as he frantically searches for the kidnappers of the young girl he watches. In the end, he discovers she is alive and willingly gives his life for hers. This ending scene is intense as they embrace on a bridge, sharing their love for each other. Then, the little girl goes to her mom and Denzel goes to the kidnappers. But it’s this line that sticks out to me, “a life for a life.” That’s what the kidnapper proposed to Denzel and he said yes. The girl lives and Denzel doesn’t.

While this movie pulls on our heart strings, it also speaks of the greatest story ever told.  Easter celebrates Jesus and the culmination of what happened to Him and to us.

It’s, A life for LIFE!

This is what Jesus did when He died and then was raised from the dead. He defeated death (see 1 Corinthians 15:21-22) and now, we’ve been given new life in Him. Easter is a celebration of A life for LIFE, given to any who call on Jesus. But why is this story A life for LIFE?

The answer is found in the resurrection!

Jesus gave us His life by dying on the cross but then, in His resurrection, He gave us LIFE and LIFE more abundantly. Furthermore, He’s alive and living in us through the holy spirit. So now, we have Jesus with us and in us, giving us His LIFE as we walk with Him.

John 10:10-11 says this,

10. The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. 11. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.

John 10:10-11

Notice, through our faith in Jesus, we have a rich and satisfying life from Him. This is because He is the good Shepherd and gave His life so we could have His life as we live on the earth and when we get to heaven.

He’s alive!

This changes everything because now, death is defeated and eternal life is freely given to all who call on Jesus; furthermore, we have this LIFE right now.

So, what does it mean to have His life today?

We can have peace in our heart and mind. We can have our bodies healed and kept healthy. We can be free from guilt and shame. We can have a new beginning and become a new person in Jesus. We can have purpose and make a difference in our lifetime. We can be whole in our spirit, soul and body. We can have healing in our families. We can have joy and thanksgiving flood our heart. We can overcome temptation and past patterns. We can be strong in our weakness. We can see wrongs be made right. We can forgive others because we have been forgiven. We can love others because we are loved. We can have grace, mercy, and kindness flood our lives daily. We can be close to Jesus everyday!

This is what His LIFE looks like and it’s for you and for me. We don’t earn it but rather we receive it because Jesus is alive!

Are you receiving His LIFE today?

I encourage you, wherever you are in this moment, reach up to Jesus. Reach out for more of Him. Let Him have all of you right now. Because His LIFE is greater than anything you’re facing. He’s alive to change our lives and to do in us what only He can do.

So happy Easter and may His LIFE fill you afresh and anew. Consider this Easter be when you go back to church or when you watch online again because the time is now! Today is the day to have His LIFE and to have it richly and fully!

I love you and I’m believing that the best is yet to come for you and your family!

Happy Easter 2021!


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