Unshaken… This is the life we can live through Jesus! But being unshaken doesn’t mean that things won’t try to shake us. Because the truth is, we all face shaky circumstances. However, in Christ we can stay steady.

This is big as things around us are changing daily and the tension of what we’re hearing, verses what we believe, can be tough to navigate. The conflict within ourselves, let alone the one around us, is a lot to process. And if we’re not focused, it’s easy to be shaken. For the last twelve months, all of us have faced a plethora of emotions, challenges and change. Furthermore, the national chaos has created plenty of opportunities to be shaken. But here’s the good news, we don’t have be.

This is because of Jesus! 

He’s the anchor of our soul and prince of our peace. So many times I’ve told myself that I can have peace in me when there’s no peace around me. This is only possible through Jesus because His peace is beyond our understanding and it guards our hearts and minds. It’s from this truth that we can stand firm through anything because of who we have in us!

So, how do we move forward and be Unshaken?

In David’s life we see so many moments where he faced shaky circumstances. He was on the runoff his life, faced giants, had family drama, had his own issues and was leading God’s people. Yet, through all of it he said this in Psalms 62:1-2,

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.

Psalms 62:1-2

Notice he said, I wait quietly before God.

This speaks so much to us right now since many days we are over stimulated with information overload. With the news affiliates, phones, social media, entertainment options and more, it can be hard to wait quietly before God. After all, so much is on our minds that it’s a challenge to turn off our minds and listen to God.

So, because of this pace, here’s a couple of practical ways to do this.

First, have a set time to pray and read the Bible every day. If we don’t schedule it, then eventually we won’t do it. When you and I carve out time in our day to pray and read God‘s word, it will help our day be better. In fact, it will feed our soul which is the food we all need every day. This is where we receive the thoughts and ideas of God for our lives. This is where we get planted in who Jesus is and what He says, which then, causes us to be Unshaken.

I encourage you to have a Bible plan that you can follow every day and there are many to choose from. This will help you stay focused on a daily basis to read what God is saying to you. When it comes to praying, talk to God like you do anyone else. Share with Him what’s on your heart and open up yourself to him. This is our way to connect to God and it’s his way to move in us.

Second, I encourage you to always respond versus reacting when things come your way. This is because when we react, it’s emotional and most of the time, we’re not thinking through what we’re doing. When this happens, mistakes take place. Have you been there? I know I have.

But this is big when it comes to being unshaken because, whatever is standing in front of us, when I wait quietly before God and focus on who he is in my life, he will give me perspective and strategy to move forward. When I do this he will help me respond through love and faith which will cause me to be Unshaken. Conversely, when I react to something emotionally, I’m easily shaken by the circumstance. This is something we’ve all done and therefore, we know it’s results.

However, there’s a better way!

Whatever post on social media, whatever comes my way personally and whatever happens around me, I can respond in faith when I wait quietly before God. Here’s example of this when it comes to anger. The Bible says in Psalms 4:5 “In my anger I do not sin, I lay down and sleep and stay quiet”. Notice the emphasis of responding verses reacting and how it helps us not sin in our anger.

This is how we can live which causes us to be, Unshaken!

What is shaking you today? No matter what it is, Jesus can do some thing about it. Which is why, we must go to him and wait quietly so he helps us respond. Please refuse to react! Refuse to be pulled into drama and chaos. God has something better for you and Jesus is alive to move in your life!

Have a great week as you stand Unshaken in Jesus!

Love you all and the best is yet to come,


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