Who Can You Believe

Who Can You Believe

In the climate we are in, who can you believe?

I wonder, have you found yourself thinking, are they lying to me? It seems our distrust in each other, the media, our political leaders and more is growing by the day. And this highlights the skepticism that’s probably been under the surface the whole time. It’s almost like, everyone is walking around flinched, waiting for something to happen or be exposed as a lie.

Because of this, we’re retreating to corners to be safe from the chaos we’re seeing around us. But while this maybe can work a little bit, in the end, it will disconnect us from  not only from community, but also from God.  It’s intriguing to me that the flow we have with others, impacts the flow we have with God.

This should be the other way around and sometimes, that’s the case. But I’ve seen so many times when people go sideways with others, they also go sideways with God. This is because how we treat others, reflects what’s going on in our heart with God. Unforgiveness, not loving others, not serving others, not humbling ourselves, not building bridges and more. These are signs, that we’re not only disconnected from others but we’re also disconnecting from God.

However, when we know who we can believe, our foundation will be firm and steady.

Who can you believe? The answer is God!!

Check out what 1 Kings 8:56 says,

Praise the Lord who has given rest to His people Israel, just as He promised. Not one word has failed of all the wonderful promises He gave through His servant Moses.

1 Kings 8:56

Notice, not ONE word failed of ALL the wonderful promises. I love this because everything God said, was true and came to pass.

This speaks to us today with who we can believe. His word is truth, His promises are sure and He can be trusted. In fact, when we believe Him, our lives take shape with security, endurance and fulfillment. This is what happens in the long term with our lives. In the end, we can have what He says, we can do what He says and we can be what He says.

So what’s next?

We must be in His word daily and put His promises in our heart. Because, ALL His promises are true and will come to pass in our lives. Therefore, our part is to believe God and put in our lives what He says above what everyone else says.

This means, I take all my emotions to the Word of God. I take all my thoughts to the Word of God. I take all my relationships to the Word of God. I take all my circumstances to the Word of God and ultimately, I take my life to the Word of God. When I do this daily, I can have ALL His wonderful promises coming true in and through my life.

This is for you, this is for me and this for everyone who believes God!

Conversely, if we don’t do this, we will be shaken and tossed up, down, left and right and in the end, left nowhere.

So today believe God! 

Move forward and daily receive the food of heaven through His word. Put these promises in your heart and believe, they all will come to pass! This is what we must do right now!

Who can you believe? God!

This is who we live through, live for and live by on a daily basis. Therefore, no matter the chaos around us, the peace of God can be expanding within us! And this comes from Him because ALL His promises will come to pass!

So I encourage you, believe His word! 

He’s watching over you and everything concerning your life, is important to Him. Therefore, through His promises you will see His good hand move in every area of your life.

Above everything else, believe God!

Have a great week and love you all,


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