Look Up and See Light

Look Up And See The Light

Have you ever looked up and seen the lights God has given to us? The sun, the moon and the stars reflect the handiwork of God and it is amazing. These lights are steady and obedient at the command of their Creator since He formed the earth with His words. I believe this is one reason why the scripture tells us in Romans 1:20, that creation declares the Godhead. Yes, even Creation is preaching!

Recently as I’ve walked my dog in the early morning hours, I’ve looked up and seen the sky filled with stars and it reminds me of how good and powerful God is. He made the constellations, the moon and the sun as a witness of who He is and for the benefit of what He’s made. These wonders also remind us, when we look up, we can see the light!!

Don’t we need Light right now?

I think so because it seems all around us is dark news, dark outlooks and dark actions. It can be overwhelming to the point, we have a pessimistic outlook on life. But God has something better for us!

In fact, we see in scripture that it doesn’t matter the darkness around us, the Light of Jesus is greater and stronger every time!!

This is why our focus and our attention must be turned to Him daily, so that we receive His light beaming in our thoughts and beaming in our hearts. This is life change! This is protection! This is Hope! This is Jesus and we can have Him everyday because He is the Light of the world!

Therefore, when we look up and see the light, something happens on the inside of us that’s greater than what’s happening around us. It’s a personal connection we have that gives us peace, joy, love, healing, deliverance and strength. It’s here, where God illuminates our identity and fortifies our purpose. Oh yes, in this light, the shadows of our past and of our struggles bow down to the King of Heaven. I encourage you to look up and see the light today!

King David said this in Psalms 3:3,

You oh Lord are a shield for me. The glory and the lifter of my head.

Psalms 3:3

This simple verse has great truth for us today. David spoke this when facing his enemies and just like this great king thousands of years ago, we are facing enemies around us right now.

What enemy are you facing? No matter what it is, God is greater and He will cause you to see the light and overcome.

Notice in this verse that He is our shield. This speaks of protection and the covering of God over our lives. I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful for His protection on a daily basis. Right now, in this moment, God is watching over you and He is protecting you wherever you go. This is why it’s so powerful to commit our lives in to His hands because that is the safest place we could ever be. He is our shield!!

Then we see in this verse, that He will lift up our heads and be our glory. This speaks of lifting up our face to see the light of God. Many of us may have our head down because of shame, fear, embarrassment, guilt, anger, and so much more. But God lifts our head up in healing, forgiveness and new beginnings. The enemy wants us to look down, but God wants us to look up!

When we look up we see the light and things begin to change. This is because His light reveals His power and His promises for our lives. His light penetrates the darkness and it bows its knee to who He is.

Notice what John 1:5 says,

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:5

I love this promise because the darkness always loses to the light. This is why we must look up and see the light and extinguish the darkness that tries to overwhelm us. This is for you right now! This is your Jesus and He has power to help you in the time of need no matter what you face.

Are you looking down today?

I want to encourage all of us to look up. Let’s focus on Jesus and who He is for us. He’s greater than any trouble or circumstance and when our mind is set on Him, we will have perfect peace (Isaiah 26:2-3).

So today, decide to look up and worship Him, pray to Him and physically look up to Him and let His light wash over you. This is your day to look up and see the light!!

Have a great day and may 2021 be the best year you’ve ever had!

Love you,


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