House Party!

Back in 1990 the movie House Party was released with the duo, Kid and Play.

Yeah I know, this is now old school, but it was great with various music groups in the film along with dance moves I could never figure out. In typical fashion, teenagers are trying to throw a party without their parents knowing, but drama ensues presenting challenges to the plans. In the end, the party happens and Kid got caught. The last scene is kid sneaking back in his house, to have his dad waiting with a belt. What’s funny about the ending is, so many of us probably had a similar experience of getting caught, I know I did.

But this connects to Jesus because he went to a house party too. 

This was a house party for adults, with no sneaking needed. It was open and bold with problems and issues of those attending and yet Jesus went to this kind of party!

He wasn’t embarrassed about their struggles, he was drawn to them and he gave grace and love to heal them. I love this about Jesus because it’s gives everyone hope that he’s drawn to us too.

It was in this setting that he affirmed Matthew as a disciple and he redeemed Mary who was a prostitute. It was among disreputable sinners that he found hidden treasures and empowered them with purpose. It was in this group that his healing and mercy flowed; furthermore, revealing what he would do in the generations to come. In fact, many of his followers, were this kind of people. I love that!

Notice what Mark 2:15 says,

Later, Levi invited Jesus and his disciples to his home as dinner guests, along with many tax collectors and other disreputable sinners. (There were many people of this kind among Jesus’ followers.)

Mark 2:15

This is who he’s looking for today too!

He’s still going to house parties, looking for the broken, the messed up, and those that don’t have it together, only to do the impossible through them. You know, people like you and me. This is possible because, only Jesus can take the worst in us and bring the best out of us.

It’s his grace, mercy and love that fuel the power of God to do the impossible in our lives; therefore, it’s our issues that are attractive to him, and not our resume. This is counter-culture because it’s a different Kingdom, set up through the Love of God!

So where’s the house party today? The Church!

That’s right, the church is to be a house party full of people that don’t have it together, that are being touched by the love of God. It’s not a place for the elite but rather a place for the broken. It’s a hospital where everyone is welcome to come and where everyone can be touched by the love of God. It’s this house party that is full of acceptance, healing, grace and belonging. It’s a party that gets it right verses being right because Jesus is making us right through him! It’s this party that keeps the main thing the main thing, and helps everyone move forward one step at a time.

Oh yes, this is the house party of Jesus!

So I encourage you today, be a part of the party Jesus goes to. Don’t allow distrust, offense or fault finding to rob you of the plan of God. He has too much for you and it’s worth discovering what it is.

We need each other to stir up the love of God and to do good (see Hebrews 10:24-26) so please, move forward.

With everything that’s going on, we don’t need to isolate but rather we must insulate. The enemy always wants us isolated but God always wants us insulated. There’s grace, healing and protection in the house party Jesus goes to!

Everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect and anything’s possible!

Join the party!


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