In Good Hands

Have you noticed that our hands are a big deal? We touch, we feel and we connect through our hands. So much happens on a daily basis with them as they’re a massive part of the functions that we have in every area of our lives. Even now, we’re more aware of our hands as we navigate COVID-19 in regards to keeping them clean and having hand sanitizer at our disposal.

Furthermore, we have an ongoing insurance ad that says, “you’re in good hands with Allstate.”

Notice how they’re connecting us to the idea of safety by using hands as the visual. This is because we connect safety and protection with the idea of, In Good Hands.

When our children stay with a trusted friend or loved one, we know they are in good hands. When our children are in a good school system we know every day, they are in good hands. When our spouse or our friends are with a trusted person we know, they are in good hands. And when we know this, we are at ease and have peace that everything will be OK.

Conversely, if we’re unsure about someone or somewhere, we feel uneasy and fearful because they could be in danger.

So are you in good hands today?

Meaning, who is holding you and your family? What are you depending on as you navigate life?

This is huge because we don’t have to do life under our own power, we can do it through God‘s power and that happens when we rest in His hands. So often it’s easy for us to depend on what we can do, but that always has limitations. However, with God all things are possible as He can do what we can’t do. On top of that, He’s able to take our anxiety and give us peace in its place.

Check out 1 Peter 5:6-7 says,

“6. So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. 7. Give all your worries and anxiety to God, for he cares about you.”

1 Peter 5:6-7

Notice how humility is the prerequisite for being in the good hands of God. This is speaking to our willingness to be in God’s will and to do things His way regarding our lives. When we make this decision, we are promised to be in His good hands which causes us to have honor and peace over anxiety.

Isn’t this needed today?

Of course it is and furthermore, it’s a daily necessity as we navigate ourselves and those around us. Therefore, we must choose to be humble by allowing God to cover us, lead us and protect us with His good hands. It’s in this posture that we we have peace, blessing, joy and victory over fear and worry.

So I encourage you today, seek Jesus and run to Him. Give Him your heart like never before. Open yourself to His will for you and see what He can do when you say yes.

I also encourage you to be under His hand. Yield to Him what’s in your hand so you can have what’s in His hand. Maybe you’re holding onto fear, unforgiveness, strife, anger, lust, offense, distractions and more. It’s these things we can let go off and in exchange, revive His peace, freedom, purpose, healing, mercy and grace as we stay in His good hands.

This is our moment to let go and let God! This is our moment to hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand!

When we choose this way of living, we can have health, peace and purpose like never before. Move forward in this today and be determined to be in good hands every day of your life as you fulfill the purpose of God in you.

Have a great week as you let go of what’s in your hand and grab what’s in His hand.

Love you all and the best is yet to come!

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