Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas!

I pray today finds you well as we celebrate Christmas Eve! I pray you’re able to both give gifts and receive gifts as you connect with family and friends.

Gifts are a great part of our Christmas traditions as they give us the chance to have the joy in giving and to express love to those around us. Furthermore, it’s fun when someone’s face lights up with joy or a child burst out with shouts of happiness because of what they received. These moments are priceless and last a lifetime.

Think about it, do you remember a certain gift you got? I bet you do, because something touches our hearts when we both give and receive gifts. For me, my Mom got me a cowboy hat one year and it was hilarious, because I don’t wear them and look horrible in them. This gift has become a great memory and picture in my office. It’s these moments that mean so much.

But it goes without saying that, Jesus is the greatest gift of all because He’s the most complete gift!

Meaning, there’s nothing He lacks so when we receive Him, we get ALL of who He is and what He has. This Jesus is not only a complete gift, He’s a free gift. He comes to anyone, anywhere, anytime in any condition. He doesn’t discriminate and He doesn’t cast out; moreover, He accepts us and does what only He can do.

Oh yes, His gift is the first Christmas gift and today, right now, we all need Him more than ever.

So the question is, what is in the gift of Jesus?

Isn’t that what we ask (even as adults) the person who gives us the gift. Of course and sometimes, we even shake it to see if it makes sounds, so we can guess it. This never gets old and it shows our anticipation to receiving gifts. It’s a big deal for us.

When it comes to Jesus, we don’t have to shake Him or go on a big search for the secret. We can go to the word of God and find out who He is and what He brings with Him, and there’s no better verse than Isaiah 9:6.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on His shoulders. And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

Notice the five main things Jesus is through His Christmas gift to us. Also notice, how we need these in 2020, more than ever before. Whatever you’re facing today and whatever you’re feeling today, the gift of Jesus can do something for you that no one else can.

First, He’s wonderful. This means, He’s miraculous and He can do miracles in our lives. Today, there’s no question someone needs a miracle and Jesus is the one that can do it. He’s the one that can do the impossible in your life. So please, reach up to Him today and believe, He can do a miracle for you.

Second, He’s our counselor. This means to settle an argument and walk with us. This means an argument within ourselves and with others. It’s through Him that we have unity, forgiveness, truth and peace. So, when I go to Jesus, He’s everywhere and He will give strategy for peace and unity. If there’s turmoil within you or around you, Jesus the Counselor can heal that situation and give the answer to it.

Third, He’s the mighty God. This means He’s the Champion. I love this because He’s undefeated and when we receive His gift, He makes us a champion too. He elevates us to be more than we could without Him and He empowers us to be healthy and whole as people. This Jesus is the Champion of your life and He will make you a champion in this life too. Let Him be your promoter. Let Him be your strength and hope. Let Him be your greatest gift, because He already is. He’s the Champion today!

Fourth, He’s the Everlasting Father. Meaning He’s forever. He will never end. Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving, for eternity! Think about that, He will never stop giving. He will never stop loving and He will never stop being who He is for you and in you. He’s going to be the greatest Christmas gift, forever! Nothing will stop Him, so let’s receive Him daily. Let’s have ALL He is in our lives because He’s giving freely and He’s giving it, forever!

Lastly, He’s the Prince of Peace. This means He’s the Captain of Peace. Man, don’t we all need this right now? We can have peace in our lives because of who He is, verses what we have. This is big because life has ups and downs. It’s never the same but with Jesus, we have a constant that gives peace in every circumstance we face. What area of your life could you use His peace today? Please reach up to Him and receive it. He’s giving it away right now!

So in all the gifts of this year, please let Jesus be your greatest gift! Let Him show all He can do by receiving and believing He’s all you need. Let this Christmas be a moment of change, healing and hope. Let this Christmas be more than you imagined by letting Jesus be your greatest Christmas gift.

It’s my belief these aspects of Jesus can be realized by praying for them specifically and receiving them by praying His word over your situation. I also believe, doing what the Bible asks us to do, is big in receiving too. So, whatever He’s leading you to do, step out and do it. He’s there waiting in your steps of faith.

Merry Christmas and may Jesus be your greatest gift today!


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