December Is Here, Are You Ready?

Ahh, we’ve made it to the epic month of December! Now we have the countdown to Christmas with shopping, decorating, cooking, planning family gatherings and trips, along with staying sane through it all.

Yes, December is here, are you ready?

It’s going to be interesting as we celebrate Christmas this year considering all we’ve been through. 2020 has felt like multiple years in one and yet here we are, in the final month of a stressful year and we’re reminded of what life is about, Jesus!

There are moments that we need a hard reset on what we value and what we prioritize as number one in our lives. After all, our pace, our responsibilities, our opinions, our politics, and more can easily creep in and distract us from Jesus, the greatest gift we could ever have!

Therefore, I believe this Christmas of 2020 can be the reset we need! Especially as we navigate the uncertainty of tomorrow and the unknown of 2021. Right now is a great time to align ourselves to Jesus afresh and anew! It’s a great time to make Him number one, truly in our heart, in our passion, and in our energy. Because truth be told, there are too many people more fired up about politics versus sharing Jesus. There are too many people eager to debate racial injustice versus being a bridge of unity and love in Christ. There are too many people dividing from each other versus coming together through Jesus. Furthermore, there are too many people isolating versus insulating in community.

We need Jesus right now!

No matter who is in the White House, the real question is, who is the Lord of your house?

It’s Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus! I know, it’s simple but He made it that way. It’s our job to keep it that way! So please set aside all of the distractions. Set aside all of the nonsense. Make Jesus the number one priority, passion, and purpose of your life. This is what we want and we know, this is what we need for fulfillment and peace. So go to Him! Worship Him! Talk to Him! Listen to Him! Be with Him! He’s here and ready to do miracles in your lives!

We know this is to be true because of what Matthew 1:23 says,

“Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call Him Immanuel, which means God is with us.”

Matthew 1:23

Notice, Jesus made a way for God to be with us, right now! This is through our imperfections, our struggles, our strife, our heartache, and more. He’s here and He’s never left us now, the Holy Spirit lives in you and walks with you daily when you receive Jesus.

I don’t know who is with you and I don’t know what you’re feeling, but what I do know is that Jesus is with you! He can do anything because He’s God. He is the answer to any need you have. He’s the way-maker and He’s working for your good today!

So when I ask, December is here, are you ready? I’m not talking about presents, gatherings, and food. I’m talking about your heart’s focus and what you are looking at. It must be Jesus!

So now what?

I encourage you every day this month to worship Him in your home. Turn on some good worship music and give Him praise. I also encourage you, if you’re not connected in church, to get back in by being online or in-person. We’re better together! Lastly, do a devotional every day through the You Version Bible app or other resources. But set aside time to read daily and look at Jesus, Immanuel, God with us!

I know for me, through all this chaos, I need more of Jesus. I’m sure you do too.

Go to Him! Reach for Him! Look to Him! He’s here and He’s ready to do what you can’t do!

Love you all and may December be the best month of 2020,


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