Where Do You Stand?

Unfortunately, whatever answers we give to this question will place us on the opposite side of someone else. This can cause division, loss of friendship, and strife. I wish it was different in that, we could agree to disagree, but right now it doesn’t seem like that’s possible. However, it’s a good thing to have core values and to know where you stand with your convictions. In fact, we have the freedom in this country to express our beliefs and to voice where we stand.

But there’s something deeper here!

Beyond where we stand with the current issues, is the real question of, where do we stand with God?

The answers to this question are fluid as things come our way daily to distract us and pull us away from our creator. It’s my belief that we must be intentional every day in our faith to be close to God and to be more like Jesus. Because if we don’t, we’ll find ourselves where we don’t want to be, doing what we don’t want to do, and becoming who we don’t want to become.

So where do you stand with God?

Is your heart open to Him? Are you actively seeking Him? Are you committing your feelings and emotions to Him daily? Are you loving those that are different than you and that have a different view than you? Are you giving freely to the work of the kingdom of God? Is He your number one focus? Are you more concerned about policy versus people and where they stand with God?

These are just some of the hot questions that can reveal where we stand with God today. This is not to shame anybody, but rather it’s to challenge all of us to keep the main thing in this moment. It’s easy to be distracted and caught up in the whirlwind of what’s happening in our country right now, but after it blows over, where do we stand?

There’s a great passage in Psalms 91:1 that says,

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

Psalms 91:1

Notice we can live in the shadow of God. But being in the shadow of God and in the shelter of the Most High has everything to do with where we stand with Him.

This indicates to me that we must stand close to God to be in His shadow. Therefore, our hearts must stay open to Him and our affections must be turned to Him as the first priority of our lives. This is the daily challenge of our faith and yet, when we stand close to Him it’s easier to stay open to Him.

This is why we must keep our hearts humble and keep our hearts free from offense and grudges. We must keep ourselves clean and transparent with the right people and willingly choose to be in community. This is where we belong and this is where we were made to be; in the shadow of God!

What’s cool is, when I’m in the shadow of God, He gives me the strength to stand in Him. This is what Paul said in Ephesians 6:11

“Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.”

Ephesians 6:11

Notice, He empowers us to stand firm against the enemy. But it’s my belief where we stand, determines the strength to stand against the enemy.

If we find ourselves standing in the wrong place, and standing far from God, it’s going to be hard to stand against the enemy of our soul. This is why the enemy is trying so hard to get us away from God because it’s in this place that we are vulnerable to his vices and traps. But the devil is a liar and he is defeated, and no matter what’s going on around us God can give us peace.

So while it’s good to know where to stand with the issues of our day, the deeper truth is, where do you stand with God?

So, stand in His shadow by praying daily. Stay plugged into community. Keep worshiping Him with others and by yourself. Be honest with trusted people. Love people, period. Refuse to stay offended. Refuse to hold a grudge. Refuse to let politics isolate you from church.

God has too much for you, which is why the enemy is trying to distract you. Now is the moment to stand in the shadow of the Most High.

In Jesus, you can do this one day at a time, one step at a time. I love you and I believe God has great and mighty things for you and your family.

The best is yet to come,


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