Down With The King

Have you seen the movies

Sister Act one and two? These popular films released in the nineties have great music and funny moments. If you haven’t seen them, check them out as they’re great family movies to watch.

In the second movie, there’s a line in one of the songs that says, “I’m down with the King, you know me. I’m down with G.O.D.” Now to clarify, this means I’m going with God, and I’m living for Him.   When I look at what’s going on surrounding this election, this is what we all need to be about in this moment.   But it’s easy to get distracted and pulled into other things that take us away from our main focus. The political engine that seeks to divide us is doing a good job and it seems the country is growing farther apart. Right now there are people leaving church because of politics. Right now there are people dividing from other believers because of who they vote for. Right now there are people getting offended over what is or isn’t said from a stage. Right now there are people who are making decisions based on temporary circumstances and thus, they make a mistake.   All of these are symptoms of being pulled into the drama of American politics, which invariably puts the Kingdom of God out of place. The Kingdom of God should be number one, period! He doesn’t need our political system for His church to thrive because right now, the church is growing in nations that have no freedom.   This is because His church is built on who He is, the King! This means, it’s all about Him and it’s all because of Him. Nothing else is needed.   Now, in our country we have the honor of voting and participating in the election process; therefore, we should vote and be involved. However, this doesn’t mean I get pulled into the fighting, blaming, finger-pointing, and division of politics. No, we must stay above the fray and keep our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.

We must be, Down with the King!

We must choose Him as number one. He’s our King and our home is not this world; furthermore, it’s not our home country either. It’s heaven! We’re sojourners, looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. This is so important to remember right now since it’s easy for us to get caught in the whirlwind of our nation’s politics. But we’re made for more. That’s right, we’re made for more!   We’re made for Him! This is why we must be Down with the King! 

“1. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. 2. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting Him, He endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now He is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.”  

Hebrews 12:1-2

Notice, strip off weights that easily trip us up. There’s no question that politics can be some of our weights that need to come off.   We have a race to run. Meaning, each of us have our own race with God; therefore, we’re not racing against other Christians, or other Churches, we’re racing against ourselves. This is because we can easily get distracted from the main thing and get lost in the shuffle of all kinds of junk, but there’s more for us. There’s a higher cause for us and that’s being Downwith the King!   It’s running with God and overcoming ourselves and others along the way. It’s being who God called us to be and to do what He wants us to do. This is why His Kingdom must be number one in our lives! It’s Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus.   In fact, we run our own race by keeping our eyes on Him! This is both the secret and challenge of our faith. Keeping our eyes on Jesus!   For every Christian, this is a battle that must be won and this is a battle that must be fought. No one is exempt, as our enemy is a master of distractions and politics is one of them. He loves to sway us from our purpose, our calling, and our part in the Kingdom of God. He wants to lower our standards and get us fighting over nonsense and missing the majors so we don’t make a difference. He wants us to miss the heart of God for people, and be about making points but missing hearts.

But God has more for us!?

This is why we must be down with the King!   Who are you down with today?   If it’s not Jesus as number one, please adjust. Move forward and look at Him, reach for Him and be close to Him. There’s too much He wants to do and the time is now for His Kingdom to come through us.   Don’t settle! Go for God and give Him a chance to do a miracle in your life. Give Him a chance to use you to make a difference. Give Him a chance to do what He wants to do. It’s worth it!   So as we get closer to Election Day, participate and exercise your right to vote. But remember, our political system doesn’t define you nor determine what you can achieve in life. This my friend, is found in Jesus!   Be Down with the King and watch Him raise you up!   Have a great day and the best is yet to come,


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