Whose Side You On?

Have you ever been in an argument and were asked, “Whose side you on?”

Chances are, you have and that’s because in conflict, we want to know where people stand. It’s almost like, we have invisible lines that unite or divide us; therefore, knowing what side people are on is big.

Now, having sides is not bad, after all conflict is inevitable, so knowing where people are at is needed. It’s also good because when you know who’s with you, there’s a trust that develops and you can move forward together, step by step.

In truth, we all need people on our side and others need us too. That’s a part of being a friend and being together when it counts. God made us to need each other especially when it comes to conflict (see Ecclesiastes 4:12).

But there’s another side of this too.

Choosing sides can be overwhelming as it pulls on us in a variety of ways. It can rip families, friends and churches apart, causing pain and hurt in its wake. This plot can cause people to separate over minor things while overlooking the major things that need addressed.

In fact, it’s my belief that most of the times we fracture apart, the focus is on things that are not the main issue. This causes us to argue over side points, trying to win an argument that ultimately stops open conversations.

This is what is happening right now!

The polarization of different perspectives is causing sides to be chosen with no ability to dialogue and come together. This is dangerous as it demands we agree to be on the same side and when that happens, we lose the ability to learn from our differences.

This also causes people to be labeled and categorized for certain viewpoints that do not represent the entirety of who they are as a person. This characterization of individuals is unfair and shortsighted, as all of us have multiple layers within who we are. However, the attitude today takes one aspect of a person, and makes that everything they are. This is both wrong and unfair. Furthermore, when someone does this to us, we resist it by claiming, there’s more to us than what people see. This is because we understand within ourselves, is the complexity of many things and topics. We are multifaceted and multitalented, which means, there’s always more within us.

So, Whose side you on?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Are you for Black Lives Matter or are you against it? Are you for big church or are you against it? Are you for President Trump or against him?

Whose side you on?

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.”

Matthew 6:33

I believe God’s side is what must be chosen! This is where everything flows and when we get this right everything else can be in alignment. But this is easier said than done because everyday we’re in a battle of whose side we’re on.

So many things are competing and pulling on us that it’s easy to get distracted from God. Notice in our verse, seek first the kingdom of God. This means, there can be other things in our lives, but He must be number one. So when things come my way in regards to choosing sides, I think this way. There’s your side, there’s my side but I’m going to be, on God’s side.

There’s always three choices!

Which one will we choose? Whatever our answer is will determine so much in our lives.

Now please hear me, there are causes today that need Christians to stand up and represent Jesus. We must speak out and declare what’s right because God wants justice for all people. He speaks about this in proverbs many times which shows, He desires the fair treatment of all people, period!

Therefore, our side is God’s side.

We choose Him above it all because when He’s number one, He provides all we need. That’s our material, emotional, mental and financial needs. This also means, He can give us wisdom to stand for causes that are right, while being on His side forever.

But what we can’t do, is let the narrative of other things polarize us away from God and each other. We need Jesus and Jesus wants us together. He calls it the church.

So we choose Him and we choose the church!

Whose side you on?

Please let it be God’s side. This is where our hearts are safe. This is where our souls are saved. This is where we’re empowered to be what God wants us to be. This is also where anyone can be changed into a new person by the power of the Holy Spirit. You cannot legislate life change, only God can change your life and change your heart. That’s why He must be number one and this is why we must be on His side every day because through Him, anything can happen.

So I pray in this election season, we choose God’s side daily and from that, we shine like never before.

Have a great week and God is with us,


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