Are you voting this year? In a little over a month, we get another chance to cast our vote as we take part in our democratic process. This opportunity is a big deal in that, most people in the world today do not get a chance to let their voice be heard through voting

Not only do we have the freedom to vote but many people gave up their lives so that we can vote. This stands out to me because my grandfather served our country in World War II and I also had a friend give his life for our freedoms, as he served in the Middle East. Each of the past and current men and women who serve our country, I honor and I say thank you.

The ideals of our country are by far, revolutionary and foreign to most of the nations today. The idea of freedom is huge and yet, we have struggled to live up to these ideals to the fullest of their meaning. In many ways, we’ve missed the mark and the consequences from this, are seen right now. Division, hate, labeling, pandering, strife, selfishness are just a few of the things we see spreading faster than COVID-19.

In many ways it’s disheartening as friends stop being friends, family stops being together and when it comes to our faith, people quit church over things that should actually bring us together.

This trend concerns me because, if we lose the ability to dialogue and agree to disagree, then the tension will only rise as we choose sides, point fingers and label others. This is not how we build a strong country and this for sure, is not how we walk out our faith in Jesus when it comes to voting.

You see, every four years we get to be a part of electing a president to lead our country. But every day we get the chance to elect who will be our God. This is massive because what we choose on a daily basis will show up in the details of our lives. How we treat ourselves and how we treat others, especially when we disagree, is a reflection of who our God is.

Here’s how God describes this daily choice.

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”

Deuteronomy, 30:19

Notice, God gives you and I a choice every day between life and death, and blessings and curses. This amazes me because, God is not interested in having robots but rather He’s interested in having open hearts that willingly serve Him. Therefore, every day you and I have a chance to elect who will be our God.

If we’re all honest, I think some days we do better than others. Some days we let our anger, greed, resentment, selfishness, hate and more rule what we do and how we talk. Other days, I think we do better by making Jesus number one and choosing love, peace, joy and forgiveness. But this is an every day battle and it doesn’t go away. No matter our success and or our struggle, every day we have to make a choice on who we elect as the God of our life.

Voting? If so, who do you vote for daily?

In truth, presidents come and go, political figures serve and then move on and the country and the world keep moving forward, but God remains forever. This is why if we let ourselves splinter and divide over a current political climate, then we are being fooled by a temporary circumstance.

Jesus lasts forever!

When I choose Him daily, I’m positioning myself to see Him bring out the best in me and to heal the worst in me. I’m positioning myself to love God and love people, the way He asks me to without letting pretense among distractions get in the way.

But isn’t this what we’re called to do?

Of course, so who are you voting for today?

As Americans, I think it’s our opportunity to participate in the electing process so please vote. Vote your convictions and walk out what you see as best for our country. But above all, choose Jesus every day. Choose life, blessings and His promise for you.”Don’t let the temporary climate be the permanent temperature of your life.”

God has more for you than that and in reality, He is greater than America in any other country in the world. He is God and we are His alone and we will live with Him forever! This is just one of the many reasons why we must vote for Him every day.

It’s my hope, we choose Jesus daily because we need to. With all that’s going on within underbelly of division, we must choose Him.

So I encourage you, keep your eyes on Jesus. Vote for Him everyday because the other option is death and curses. Who wants that? Exactly!

But how do we elect Jesus daily?

That’s a great question with a ton of answers, but here’s my one thought for today.

Simply pray every day, “Jesus I give you my heart today and do whatever you want to do through me.”

This simple prayer is a great place to start and fortifying that prayer with reading the word and more praying will only solidify your answer and your daily peace.

So what if right now, before this blog is over, you pray that prayer out loud over yourself and then tomorrow you do the same thing. Starting a process that is beyond electing a president every four years, because you elect your God every day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may you draw closer to Him than ever before. And may Jesus help our nation right now more than ever.

Happy voting and the best is yet to come,


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