I Choose to Give

The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.”

This is what Proverbs, 11:24 says in the message version and it’s imagery is profound.

Notice, our world gets larger through being generous. This speaks to an attitude that looks at abundance in all areas of life and gives freely to others. This speaks to a belief that there’s enough to go around including love, forgiveness, money, kindness and compassion. This is because, there’s always enough, no matter what!

But this is deeper than we know because for most people, it’s easier to be stingy than it is to be generous. It’s easy to shut down and to think about only ourselves especially in the moment of tension and turmoil. But this is not the answer because as we see in our verse, it only leads to our world getting smaller and smaller.

When this happens, not only do we shrink but we also go inward, thinking my thought is the only thought. Agree with me or get out. I’m right you’re wrong. If you’re not like me, I can’t trust you. If you don’t do things like I do, it’s wrong. These are examples of a shrinking world that is losing influence and missing the moments around them.

This is not only sad, it’s also very tempting, because having a world that get’s larger is challenging and exhilarating at the same time.

You see, when our world enlarges, we begin to grow. We begin to expand into new territory of friendships, listening to others, willing to major on the majors and to grow by being with people different than us. All of this and more are a result of a generous person and from that, they’re growing.

What if our world was full of generous people? What would happen?

I believe people’s needs would be met. We would look at others around us and see how we could help them. We would come to the highest point of unity, being a team for a cause greater than ourselves. We would understand that our role is a part of a bigger picture and that being on a team is greater than being on an island. We would believe that what we give will come back to us as the Bible says in Luke 6:38, including money, love, grace, and faith.

Oh yes, if the world was full of generous people, it would shift from me to we and things would get better.

But why keep this in wishful thinking? You and I can choose to be a generous person right now and say, I choose to give.

We can decide today, that we will be people that give freely what has been given to us. That our money, time, love, faith, and lives are tools to impact eternity. From this, we can determine that our world gets bigger and bigger by refusing to be stingy.

Will you join me by saying, “I choose to give?”

Notice, this is a choice.,

It’s a position we take by the willingness of our own heart and when we do, amazing things happen. Look at what the Bible said, our world will get bigger and bigger.

I don’t know about you, but I want my world to get bigger and bigger because this speaks of making an impact for eternity and growing continually in my purpose on the earth. Who doesn’t want that? Therefore, when you and I choose to be generous and toss aside being stingy God things will open up.

We must remember, there’s enough to go around so I don’t need to be jealous of others, competing with others or concerned about what others are doing or what they have because, God has enough for me too.

How are you living today?

Are you stingy or are you generous? The answer will determine so much because according to the Bible, our world we either grow or it will shrink, but it’s our choice.

It’s my hope in this chaotic time that you and I will rise out of the rubble and choose to be generous. That we will be generous with our time, money and talent for the work of God to expand. That we would see people as a blessing and not a threat to what we want. That we would see others through the love of God and say, I choose to give!

Here’s the good news, no matter where we’re at today with this, we can choose to give. We can choose to be generous right now. We can choose to move forward into what God has called us to be. Our world can enlarge because of what Jesus can do through our giving.

I encourage you today, be generous.Give daily and watch what God does. Look at your blessings as tools to bless others and be a giver. Make an impact for eternity and watch make Jesus make an impact on you right now.

So remember, when we say, I choose to give, miracles will happen.

Have a great week and the best is yet to come.


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